PUBG Mobile is one of the beloved battle royals known for introducing newer updates to the game. Similarly, the developers have earlier scheduled a new update called 2.1 Update. It lets the players meet with unique things like monument tours, Ancient theme modes, and more. For so, the developers started rolling out the update from 11th July.

Further, this update will slowly become available to more gamers. After so, any player can download it through their device’s supported App Store. Even the patch notes are under the preview stage. Even though some users are unknown of what comes in the 2.1 Update. So, To cover up such a concern, just take a look below and learn more about it.

PUBG Mobile Announced 2.1 Update Including Monument Tour & More

As a new update, numerous things will add to the game. Because PUBG Mobile always aims to deliver a better experience with each update. Similarly, the coming 2.1 Update has also contributed a lot of new things to the game. As you can imagine, its update size is 656MB (Android) and 1.92GB (iOS).

However, if we talk about the patch notes for the coming 2.1 Update, you will find many things added to it. So, To have a clear view, below are the significant additions found in the recent PUBG Mobile Update.

Ancient Secret Themed mode

With this new themed mode, you need to find the mysteries of ancient secrets inside the game. You will be allowed three maps Erangel, Miramar, and like to see the secret. You need to visit the old monument tour but only for Erangel Map. So, It will ultimately be a thrilling and adventurous mode. 

PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collaboration 

The only X BLACKPINK is doing a worthful collaboration with PUBG Mobile. For so, the dates are out for the arrival and return of the global virtual concert. Certainly, BLACKPINK’s first international concert will debut between 23-24th July. Further, it will return from it between 30-31st July 2022.

New Advanced Arena

A new arena will enhance the player’s progression under the game by featuring exciting multi-round battles. In which the first team that wins four rounds will get the win. And Ultimate Arena will be available from 11th August on Erangel and live map only. You can enter through Mode Selection << Ranked << Arena.

Improved Cheer Park

With the new cheer park, you will get more shooting range training options with two skyboxes. On the other hand, there will be a set trial crate wholly added to the game. And, from now you will see improved pack size for Cheer Park.

Added friend invite in the Chat room.

Earlier, there was no invitation feature in the chat room. But, with the 2.1 Update, you can invite your friends to invite card feature to your chat room. Following this, You can quickly add your desired friend to the chat room.

Results Analyses Improvement

In terms of results, the new 2.1 provides the achievement of various medals for different aspects. I also added an emote button over the result screen. Additionally, there will be a like all button to like teammates. Interestingly, players who left the game can now see players active on the battlefield.

All new C3S7 with bonus point card & more

The coming 2.1 Updated featured a new cycle and season. It is the 3 Cycle with season 7. The scheduled time to start such a cycle is 19th July 02:00 am – 19th September 11:59 pm (UTC +0). Players will reward C3S7 Glasses, C3S7 Set, C3S7 Parachute, C3S7 – QBU, C3S7 Mask, and C3S7 Cover. Additionally, there will be a new season bonus point card and Rating Protection Card.

The arrival of Royale Pass Month 13

Apart from Cycle and Season, new royale pass month arrives. This is the 13th Pass scheduled for 19th July 02:00 am to 18th August 11:59 pm (UTC +0). The pricing is 360 UC and 960 UC for the other available two versions.

Other Minor Enhancements

Some minor changes with the 2.1 update like equipping Silvanus Mask separately, New single Purpose vouchers, and other basic improvements. Meanwhile, it includes the most needed minor while doing a long-lasting battle.

How to download and Install PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update APK file

According to the official notification, the update will start on 11th July and slowly reach each player. Further, it will be available on both Google Play Store and App Store. We know those iOS devices can’t process direct links to install APK files. But, an Android device can do such a thing. Below are instructions to download and install the 2.1 Update via the direct APK link.

Note: PUBG Mobile was earlier banned in several countries on behalf of security concerns. Especially, In India, MEITY passed an order to exclude such unsecured games. So, You are requested not to follow this guide. Instead, You can play BGMI developed mainly for Indian Players.

  • , Visit PUBG Mobile APK Page.
  • Then, download the PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update from there.
  • Next, Enable App Installation from Unknown Sources through your device settings.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and Tap on it to Install.
  • Once installed, launch the App and allow additional files to download, if any.
  • Log into the game with your desired credentials.
  • That’s it, and Your PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update is now ready to play.

Altogether, These are the essential things relating PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update. It includes the prominent patch notes and a direct APK download procedure. After so, you can quickly analyze the entire update. Additionally, Android users can benefit from a plain APK file instead of waiting for the 2.1 Update rollout.