Hello Gaming Greeks, Now We are Here to Discuss One of the Most Important Thing. Most of the People are Using VPN to Collect Reward. Also, There Were a lot of Report Suggest that account With Using VPN is not Safe.

Does Using PUBG Mobile VPN Tricks Will Get Your Account Banned?

Some People Report as “My Account got banned after using VPN”, “PUBG Mobile permanently banned my account for playing on VPN,” and many more.

As you Know that the VPN Used for Trick and Another One to Play Game is Both Different. The image Slow Down Below was a Third Part Software, Content & Security. It Cleary Mention that If you are Using Third Part application, Which is Not Owned by Tencent. Then You might take Risk With your Account.

PUBG Mobile Account Banned

In Case of You use Application Use to Collect Reward Regarding Any Region. It Doesn’t matter When you are Using VPN to Collect Reward. But if you are Playing PUBG Mobile, then Definitely More Chance to Banned your Account.

Here is the PUBG Official Moderator By @gotfondue (Moderator – PUBG Mobile Subreddit)

PUBG Mobile Account Banned

Which Confirm that Using VPN is Not a Problem but Playing With Problem having. This is Because, While Using VPN they connect you to Server to a Region. In the case, There Were a lot of Place Where PUBG may Not Play. Ex-China. Also, The State of a Respective Country Like India Having Same Ban toward PUBG Mobile Like Gujat, Nepal and More State Like this.

But Why PUBG Mobile Will Ban Your Account for Playing on a VPN?

Definitely, Using PUBG Mobile With any Kind of Third Part Application is Sensitive to Algorithm. If you Tigger the PUBG Algorithm Can cause you Banned. Not to Mention, There were a lot of Which also Removed by these algorithms. This is a great Step taken By Tencent.

In the End, I say if you are Using VPN to Collect Reward then You Don’t Have to Face any Problem. But in Case of Playing Game Using VPN then you taking Risk.

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