PUBG Mobile is set to release its upcoming 1.6 Update, where players are expected to experience the Flora Menace Game mode and more. Last season, we had to see Mission Ignition and Tesla in-game content.

Reportedly, the game will reintroduce the Vikendi alongside Payload 2.0. In contrast, Royal Pass might begin from September 16th. The game is likely to release after September 12th, while updates will be available a few days before the next Royal Pass. Players will be able to download updates from Google Play Store and App Store.

M3 Royal Pass Leaks

According to reports, M3 Royal Pass will be available on September 18th. Check out the potential leaks that surfaced online.

  • Emote: Twist Dance Emote
  • Set: Farm Fresh Set, Lone Wolf Set, Deep Fried Set
  • Mask: Farm Fresh Mask
  • Cover: Farm Fresh Cover, Lone Wolf Cover
  • Taco Ornament
  • Veggie Carton Backpack
  • Deadly Cabbage Grenade
  • Fruit Splash Finish
  • Supermarket Sale Parachute

Note: These additions are not confirmed, It may or may or later be added to the game. Take it as a pinch of salt?

Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta

Pubg Mobile officially released its beta update for players who like to play before the stable rollout ensures stability. This beta update weighs 800 MB and takes around 2GB of space.

Install PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta

Before proceeding, ensure you have enabled the unknown source installation from device settings; follow step-by-step instructions.

   Download PUBG MOBILE 1.6 BETA APK

  • Download Beta Package
  • Then, Start installing the APK on your device
  • After installation, launch the game
  • It will download the in-game patch and then continue with the respective login
  • Enter your invitation code in the box, and then tap on submit to continue
  • That’s it

Hopefully, this remains helpful for you and I have shared the details of everything you need to know. We like to know your valuable opinion and feedback; if there is any query, share with us in the comment section below.