Pubg mobile has recently provided the 0.19.0 beta update to its developer for testing, hence there was a lot of things have been added to the game. The primary highlight point is about the new system that has been inspired by Call of Duty.

What is the AI scene; Inspired from Call of Duty Mobile

Where artificial intelligence is going to send a message about the ongoing situation in the game this teacher seems to be quite interesting as for the call of duty mobile has gained popularity. On-call of duty mobile known as the commanding officer while pubg mobile most likely to be a dispute in a personalized manner.

This system is completely identical to the call of duty mobile as whenever you are going to do or required to reload a weapon or Kill an enemy or anything like drop even or small thing is going to remind you about the current situation with you and your teammates. This kind of is quiet and most usable during the intense fight even during muting the mic for canceling the audio from your teammates.

This is one of the main reasons that why Call of Duty player does not prioritize the teammate audio for most likely they do not talk to each other because they have to bring a lot of sense to the game already. Whereas this was an initial stage of compatibility with the time it is going to improved a lot as we believe. Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about the same.

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