Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort into making its browser better and the first choice to be used on Windows machines. The company has released a lot of useful features like Workspace, Vertical Tabs, Edge Copilot, and more. Now, the company has announced their Project Corefield, which aims to attract gamers to use Microsoft Edge.

For years, Opera’s GX has been designed for gamers and has made gamers use their browser. Following this, Microsoft is making an effort to make their browser a viable option for gamers, as Edge already has a ton of useful features and also takes fewer resources compared to other Chromium-based or any other browser on Windows. In this article, we will be sharing how you can enable Microsoft Project Corefield to boost your gaming experience.

What is Microsoft Edge Project CoreField?

Even before Project CoreField was announced, Microsoft had redesigned their sidebar, where users can customize their browser, which looks quite identical to Opera’s sidebar. Also, Edge has been updated with Microsoft’s WIN3 design principles, which makes the browser more native to Windows. Recently, the company has been experimenting with a darker mode to please more users. Not only this, Microsoft also allows users to view photos by dragging and dropping them into Edge, which is called Edge Photo.

Microsoft Edge for Gamers "Project Corefield" available in Canary.

Project CoreField

This is designed to make the experience better for gamers, like having options for Twitch and Discord in your Edge Sidebar. There will also be an option to enable “Use Little CPU as possible” and also have a gaming homepage. From the Edge homepage, you can check your favorite gaming platform, which includes Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft Edge for Gamers "Project Corefield" available in Canary.

Apart from this, there is also an optimized split-screen and picture-in-picture in the Project CoreField, which allows users to multitask. On top of that, there are multiple gaming-related themes to choose from, and users can also opt for light or dark mode based on their system preference. The company said they will be bringing more gaming-related themes in future updates.

How to Enable Project CoreField on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Gamers "Project Corefield" available in Canary.
  • First things first, download and install Microsoft Edge Canary.
  • Launch and set up basic sign-in and preferences.
  • After this, open Canary Settings by clicking on the triple-dot menu that appears in the upper-right corner.
  • From there, go to Appearance and then enable the “Gaming Loadout” which appears under “Customize Browser.”
  • Toggle to enable Gaming Loadout. That’s it!

Note: This feature is not available to everyone and could take some time before it is available to everyone.

Alternatively, you can try out force enabling by using PowerShell with the following instructions.

Microsoft Edge for Gamers "Project Corefield" available in Canary.

After this, simply try to enable Gaming Loadout by navigating to Windows Settings > Appearance > Customize Browser > Enable Gaming Loadout.

This feature will later be available to everyone after thorough testing. Once it is available to everyone, users won’t need to force enable it. They can directly enable this from the Edge Settings. There are tons of features still in development, and they will improve the existing features with future updates.