Notion is an all-in-one AI workspace that seamlessly blends notes, project management, databases, etc. The notion is not only a usual space to write down things its magic lies in its flexibility with providing benefits like staying organized, automating repetitive tasks and so on. These special benefits ultimately facilitate more focused workspace management. 

Apart from that, developers from Notion are adding more value by introducing a program called the Notion Consulting Partner Program. It bridges the gap between Notion’s Powerful Platform and those seeking expert guidance to unlock its potential benefits. The program is made up as it helps both Notion users as well as Consulting Partners. So, let’s have a look at understanding how to join it.

Eligibility and requirements

The Notion Consulting Partner Program invites individuals and businesses who share Notion’s aim to promote productivity and collaboration. However, becoming a certified partner requires separate expertise and commitment. Hearing that numerous users knocked on us to know whether they could join this program or not. So, here’s the breakdown.

  • You need to have a track record of consulting, implementation, or training related to productivity and collaboration tools.
  • He/she must have a deep understanding of project management, knowledge management, and workflow optimization.
  • You should have a strong grip on various Notion features, customization options, and integrations.
  • Applicant must have a pre-established business structure with a dedicated team and reliable communication channels.

The application process needs to be followed

So you are ready to join the diverse ranks of the Notion Consulting Partner Program. Exciting! However, the application process appears to be a challenging task. Although Notion developers made the entire procedure simple, don’t worry, we are here. Without any further delay let’s have a look below

Steps to Fill in the Application Form 

  1. Visit Notion’s Consulting Partner Program page.
  2. Look for the application form and read the first requirement.
  3. Select whether you are a company or an individual.
  4. Mention your Notion Expertise, Knowledge areas and certification.
  5. Next, describe your client-facing services and demonstrate your commitment.
  6. Lastly, Submit the form and you are done.

Demonstrate your notion skills

After filling out the application form, you need to show selectors that you are not a casual Notion user. For this, you have two options either you can take a certification exam or work on help clients Notion projects. So that you can give references and take a unique stand among the other applicants. 

Showcase your customer service engagements

It seems the final phase where it decides whether you will become a Notion Consulting Partner or not. Here you need to show that you are not just a technical whiz, in fact you know the way how to deal with clients. For this, you have two ways either to volunteer for the beta program or Engage in the Notion community. I mean either participating in the Notion beta program or actively participating in Notion forums, social groups and so on.

Remember, only filling out the application form does not mean you will be selected for this program. Alongside you should consider making your presentation with such richness so that they will select you.

class="wp-block-heading">Benefits of Joining the Notion Consulting Partner Program

Joining the Notion Consulting Partner Program is not just about prestige. It’s a game-changer decision that is loaded with plenty of benefits. And I am sure it will boost your business and entire productivity. If confused as to how it exactly does then go through the advantages mentioned below.

  • Get Notion-generated leads that result in chances for a boost in Sales
  • Partners receive direct access to Notion experts
  • Opportunity to get listed in the official directory
  • Early access to beta features and new updates
  • Earn Invaluable networking opportunities that sure grow your business

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can say that embarking on the journey with the Notion Consulting Partner Program is not just about affiliation; it’s a strategic move towards unlocking new possibilities in the realm of collaboration and productivity. As we explored the program’s benefits, support, and potential for mutual growth.

Meanwhile, it becomes evident that this partnership extends beyond the conventional. Joining this program signifies not only a commitment to excellence but a shared vision for innovation and efficiency. It’s an exciting step forward, and we look forward to the collaborative endeavours and successes that lie ahead. Join us in the next chapter of innovation with the Notion Consulting Partner Program!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How much do notion consultants make?

Ans. There is no specific number as it depends on individual capabilities.

Q2. What does a notion consultant do?

Ans. They assist clients with workflow discovery.

Q3. Who is Notion owned by?

Ans. Notion Labs Inc. holds Notion Ownership 

Q4. Who is Notion best for?

Ans. Those who like to stay organized prefer Notion.