Music is one of the core concepts that decides what would be youe mood in the next moment. That’s why even music is now accessible through payment. I know they charge such amounts for their privileged service but sometimes it seems pricey. In spite of the fact that this was limited to playing songs online, when it comes to playing songs offline, it would be completely different.

Today the music library is filled with millions of songs that no one can justify which is better. We all need a dedicated music app so that we can search for a particular song and download it from such a long list of songs. The problem is such category apps are developed upto that level as it is hard to decide which app is best for us. So, let’s discuss this problem and decide which app is suitable.

Popular music download apps for seamless listening

There are a plethora of music apps available today and all of them support both Android and iOS. Some of them are free, while others are paid. I agree the paid applications are feature packed above the industry. Nevertheless, we cannot say one app is superior to another. Reason being, everyone’s preference is different, making it hard to find which music app suits you perfectly.

When you decide which music app is best for you, here’s a pro tip. Consider a few things like the features of that app, Songs Collection, Your favourite category of music, compatibility with your device, and pricing. Once you consider these factors, such a choice will be well worth it for you. Here are a few of the best music apps from which you can choose.

Music App nameWhat’s Special What needs to Improve
SpotifyEasy to use Sharing music experienceDownload Music and PodcastsComptabile with different devicesHuge music libraryFree to use (Premium available at ₹119/month)No lyrics featureFew limitationsNot available GloballyQuite expensive
Apple MusicWide music selectionDownload offline musicAdd own music to Apple musicBeats 1 RadioAffordable (if consider family plan for just $22.95/month)Customizable optionNo free plan (except free trial for new subscriber)Subpar PodcastLimitation with protection songs
Amazon Music90 days free trialLarge music and video libraryHD and Ultra HD audio tiersPodcasts availabilityAffordable price ($8.99/month)Lacks live radioTrifling discount for prime members
YouTube MusicWorks best with Google AssistantIntegration with wider YouTube AppTime based playlistsStudent and family plan availableEasy switch between audio and videoDoes not offer non-music programmingLacks Hi-Res Audio
SoundCloudEasy to useSupports both audio and video files uploadBetter accessibility with Global reach Provides artist a chance to earn from their contentOffers suggested playlistIntegrates several social networking featureCan be expensive for new artistsCan be detrimental to mental healthDoes not create new albumLess responsive in music trends
PandoraFree to usePodcasts and Lyrics availableStories provide insightful albumDisplay artist tour and ticket Optional plan for student, military and familyFree plan seems destruptivePlaylist creation can’t possible on free versionWebsites get sometime slowInterface lacks visual cohesivenessLacks Hi-res audio tracks
FildoSleek user interfaceRecommend artists and songsDownload offline songsCustomizable optionLimited accessibilityOutreach for iOS users

After reviewing this best apps list, I am sure you have considered the things we have shared above. This way, you know exactly which music app suits your needs It’s even possible to download any song so that you can listen offline. To download the song, simply go to the song and click the download button. In this way, such a song will be saved to your account’s playlist. So these are the things we found relevant with the best music apps. If still any user have queries about the same ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which app is mostly used to download music?

Ans. With over 10M plus downloads on Google Play Store, SONGily is the only app.

Q2. Can Spotify play offline?

Ans. You can play offline but if you are free user then it is restricted to Podcasts. Apart from that the paid version has everything.

Q3. Can Google Play Music play offline?

Ans. You can choose music to store on your device with the Google Play Music app.

Q4. What are the top 3 most used music apps?

Ans. As per the present stats, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music are the top 3 music apps.