Minecraft is one of the most popular multiplayer games for a long time, where the game is available to play on PC, Android, iOS, Play Station, Xbox. However, since the game isn’t officially available for free, you have to purchase the game from the store for Rs. 2495.

Meanwhile, sometimes the games go for discounted prices but players who don’t want to purchase the Minecraft copy looking to play the game for free. Today, we will be sharing how you can play Minecraft on your PC for free.

Download and Play Minecraft for Free on PC

Here is a guide to enjoying the game without purchasing a legal copy of Minecraft from Microsoft.

  • Download and Install Tlauncher on your PC
  • Open Tlauncher and Signup with your account or Create
    a New Account.
  • Choose the Minecraft version from the list.
  • Prefer the Latest version, Click on it and then click on Download
  • Wait for the download to finish, Once it installed you are ready to play.

You might experience minor lags or shuttler while using but players who play Minecraft on Tlaucher doesn’t report any major flaw in the game. For those who want to play Minecraft for free, this is the best way to play Minecraft on PC for free.