Among us was one of the hottest games last year, and now players can play the game in their browser without downloading it on their PC. It is quite useful for those players who don’t have a smartphone to play AmongUS on mobile, as well as for those users who have low-end PCs. Today we are Going to “Play Among Us on the Cloud, How to Play Among Us on the Browser Without Downloading an App.”

Playing games on the cloud just requires a good internet connection. Thanks to Now.GG, players can run the game on the cloud without having trouble with disconnection and lag issues. Although it is available to play on Android and iOS, on PC it costs $5. Today in this article, we will be sharing how you can play games on the cloud without downloading AmongUS on your desktop.

How to Play Among Us without Downloading an App

It is quite a straightforward instruction, and for this, you need to follow the following instructions mentioned down below.

  1. Launch Now, Enter into your browser.
  2. Next, click on the “Play in Browser” button.
  3. It will start loading. It takes some time, depending on your internet connectivity. Once it loads, it will show you an overview of AmongUS. Double-click on the screen to skip.
  4. Now, AmongUS will load and, once it is done, click on “I understand” to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  5. Now, enter your date of birth and then it will ask you to sign in. You can sign in or continue as a guest according to your preference.
  6. That’s it!

Guide for using Now. GG-Play Among Us

Game Control will appear in the upper-right corner, where you can find all your keybindings.
Volume controllers appear next to the game controller, placed in the upper-right corner.
To fullscreen the game, either tap on the full-screen button that is placed in the upper-right corner or press F11.

You can now continue playing it as usual, as the player used to play it in the US. You are ready to host the game, and it works quite identically to mobile, PC, and console games. There is no major difference when it comes to the experience of the game. That’s how you can play Among US on your browser without downloading the Among App app.

Hopefully, this guide will remain helpful for you, and you will be able to successfully play Among Us without installing. Thanks for being with us. We would like to get your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query, please share it with us in the comment section down below.