Nowadays, many publishers generate and publish AI-generated content, but search engines like Google are deranking these articles. This is because AI-generated content often contains plagiarism, as tools like ChatGPT generate data that they are trained on. Hostinger, a popular website hosting platform, recently announced a Logo Maker and website builder.

Generally, AI is smarter than humans and can help in various ways, such as improving the search function in WordPress and checking grammar and style. Additionally, this leading Content Management System (CMS) supports plugins for WordPress. Many may not know, but Hostinger has announced its own Artificial Intelligence-based WordPress plugin that allows users to write articles independently. The company is pushing Artificial Intelligence beyond just offering hosting services, which can be quite impactful.

Write a blog post with Artificial intelligence.

This is currently in the early development phase, so it may perform exactly as it sounds—not very well. This is new territory for Hostinger, as they are typically popular for only web and cloud hosting plans. Currently, you cannot install this plugin on any third-party WordPress site. This service is not free, and you will need to subscribe at a cost of Rs 139 per month, which is recommended for beginners rather than advanced users.

How to Write a Quality Blog Post with AI without Plagiarism

With the help of Hostinger AI, you can generate and analyse content, logos, and visitor behaviours. This tool also provides 200 responsive designer templates, SEO tools and third-party integrations such as Google Analytics, Messenger Live Chat, and Hotjar functionality. Additionally, you can access e-commerce capabilities and extra features for blogging.

To install it, you need to have a Hostinger plan, and if you want to download and install it, you can do so directly from the hPanel’s Member area. Once installed, you can access the Hostinger Plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Advantages of using Hostinger AI Website Builder

This can be a significant upgrade and can attract many new customers to the company. Hostinger’s current plugin helps generate new content for your website. Whenever you use Hostinger’s AI plugin, remember that the better your prompt, the more detailed it will be, and the better it will help generate your content.

There are several benefits to using it. First, it saves both time and money. Using AI can increase your productivity, and the content will be SEO-optimised, which will help you gather more organic traffic. Additionally, whenever it uses images, they will be royalty-free images for every blog. You can use it to create posts, pages, and product descriptions.

Speaking of advantages, it will help optimise your website’s content, analyse your keyboard, suggest Meta titles, etc. With these, you can generate website traffic and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows. AI can enhance your quality and relevance, as you can get title ideas, brainstorm, and generate content after researching. Although many Generative AI tools can generate content for you, they are not personalised. However, you can read personalised content with the help of Hostinger’s AI Tools Plugin.

Apart from this, Hostinger offers various AI services, such as building a website with the help of AI. Website building usually takes a lot of time, but with this, you can easily design and deploy web pages in less time. You must customise your website with customisable templates and a responsive design. You can also use AI integration, such as ChatBots like IBM Watson Assistant and Google Cloud Dialogflow.

This is a good example of how the future of the internet will be rewritten, and most of the content will be directly generated via Generative AI. Over time, companies will continue to improve, which will be useful for business owners, content creators, and website administrators. Alternatively, many plugins, such as Rank Maths SEO tools, now support Generative AI, making the overall experience and work easier.