The all-new Pixel 8 Pro is Google’s latest flagship smartphone dominating the industry with its Game-Changing Camera System. As it has a cutting-edge 50MP main sensor with dedicated ultra-wide and Telephoto lenses. Apart from technical specs, the camera has plenty of helpful features like Magic Eraser, Real-time, Cinematic Videography and many more.

Resulting of that new release, many Android users have a burning desire to unlock the magic potential of the Pixel 8 Pro Camera on their phone. After all, its nighttime photos and vanishing unwanted elements capability is stunning and everyone wants it. For this, I looked for a way to get a Pixel 8 Pro camera and fortunately found an APK package. So, let’s have a look at this APK package.

What is the Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK?

See an APK stands for Android Package list appears as a digital passport for apps on Android devices. It is a compressed file containing all the necessary components to install and run such an app. It is similar to downloading an app from the Play Store the only difference is, from the Play Store you get a pre-installed package while in the APK file, you need to install it. 

Well, being a non-Google Pixel user you can’t Install it from the app store. But you will be glad to know that installing Pixel 8 Pro’s APK can give the same functionality as an app. Here functionality means the Night Sight feature, Magic eraser, Capturing portraits in real time, enhancing high zoomed-in photos, and creating cinematic panning shots. 

But alongside the benefits and good things, there are some limitations with Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK. These are compatibility Issues, some variation in features, Stability struggles, Uncertain Updates, No support help, and pinpoint that is Compromised Safety. So This is all about the Google Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK concept, its benefits and limitations to consider.

Benefits of Using the Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK

In describing things about the Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK, we have given a glimpse of its features. And actually, it deserves that discussion after all you are getting almost the same thing that is officially not available to you. At that time we have given few insights about those features but below we are sharing a dedicated list of features.

Night Sight: I am sure you are also depressed with low-light photos. But with Pixel 8 Pro camera APK you will find a night sight feature to turn even low-light photos into vibrant landscapes and Portraits.

Magic Eraser: This one is personally my favourite as many times some unwanted elements get captured in our photos. And being the overall click is decent we compromise with that unwanted element. But with Magic Eraser’s AI capability, we can vanish such elements accurately.

Real tone: Many phone cameras are such that they enhance your Skin tone which appears as Unnatural. But with Google Pixel 8 Pro camera we have a feature called Real time. So that In every photo your Skin tone gets adjusted and looks almost like a true skin Color.

Super Res Zoom: You have experienced that when you try to enhance any highly Zoomed-in photo, its clarity gets pathetic. But here we get a feature named Super Res Zoom that lets you keep the image clarity intact even if you try to enhance them.

Motion Pan: Now you can add the same flair as you see in Hollywood movies. As Pixel 8 Pro camera has a Motion Pan feature. With this, you can give your ordinary videos a professional touch. I mean it acts as your professional videography tutor.

HDR Options: I agree sometimes weather conditions are such that they don’t match with the photo object. For such a scenario HDR function is rememberable. The same thing is true with Pixel 8 Pro camera but it has varied options that fulfil your photos requirement in every weather condition.

Lens Selection: This feature is not available to every APK holder but those who have will surely be. Enjoy it. Because this feature lets you select which lens you want to use for a particular click. However, the official Pixel 8 Pro have this one but some APK holders might not find it. So keep trying your luck.

How to Download and Install the Pixel 8 Pro Camera APK (Safe & Trustworthy Methods)

When you look for the Pixel 8 Pro APK package you will find plenty of options. But remember being an unofficial thing you can’t rely on every source. Based on different user reviews we find that Pixel 8 Pro APK developed by BSG and Big Kaka appears to be reliable. For this below we are sharing instructions to download and Install the Pixel 8 Pro APK files of these developers.

Note: Being here you are doing that is unofficial so it might be possible that this APK file struggles with features.

  1. Visit our GCam section.
  2. Download your desired developer Pixel 8 Pro APK file.
  3. Now head to your phone settings >> additional settings >> enable installation from Unknown sources.
  4. After that tap on the downloaded APK file and hit the Install button.
  5. At the next moment, Your Phone’s In-built APK Installer will start installing the Pixel 8 Pro camera APK.
  6. That’s it, You are ready to explore the Pixel 8 Pro Camera on your phone.

Final Thoughts

To Sum up things, downloading the Pixel 8 Pro camera APK for sure gives you the same experience and features that Pixel owners get. But being APK files are unofficial then you may face some drawbacks like compatibility, app crash and others as we already told you. But one thing you should be cautious about is malware. So ensure that you are downloading from a reliable source. Apart from that you are good to explore.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How many megapixels is the Pixel 8 camera?

Ans. Specifications say it has a 50MP main sensor with 12MP ultra-wide and other supporting lenses.

Q2. Does Pixel 8 have an AI camera?

Ans. Pixel 8 and 8 Pro both have AI mechanisms to empower your clicks.

Q3. Is Pixel 8 Pro waterproof?

Ans. Not completely, As it can resist water up to 1.5 metres under the water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Q4. Why is a pixel camera so good?

Ans. They use both Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to make every camera output the best result ever.