Google announced its first tensor-powered SOC with the release of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The device was released with Android 12, with a 3-year Android update. The device isn’t aimed at high performance; it’s packed with many AI advancements, excellent software experience, and the camera, as many prefer the device’s point-and-shoot experience.

Pixel 6 Camera Issues: Users Report Quality Decline After Updates

Recently, many users have been reporting about the camera qualities of the device. So, if you are among those who don’t have a similar experience, Reportedly, many users say their image quality could be better, especially the drop in vibrancy and clarity during low-light and selfie scenarios.

It further goes on with the issue due to the post-processing by the software responsible for the blurry images. In addition, some Pixel 6 users also said they encountered the video recording issue, pointing out the issue only with 60 fps and not with 30 fps.

Troubleshooting: Pixel 6 camera issue after update

Before troubleshooting, clean your device’s camera lens and laser; use a soft cloth. Use a cloth to wipe the camera lens and the laser sensor gently.

Check for a Google Camera app update.

Before heading over to troubleshooting, check out the update on the Google Play Store. If there is an update, update the app to the latest version, and then try capturing shots to see if the issue remains unresolved.

Clear the cache and data of the camera app.

Since it only happens with a set number, Users are advised to clear the camera app cache and data.

  • Open the device settings.
  • Head over to the app and then tap See All Apps.
  • After that, tap on the camera and then tap on App Info.
  • Then, tap on Storage and Cache, and then wipe Clear Cache.

Restart your device

Sometimes, even after the first reboot, you may encounter some temporary glitch that can be fixed with a simple restart. For this, you should really try the camera app after restarting the device. If you are still encountering the error, then you should consider.


Despite the users’ appreciation for the upgraded cameras on devices, many have been complaining about the devices. As for sound, it is an isolated bug in a specific updated version of the Pixel Camera app.