Pubg Incorporation has launched there Several games for Mobile, PC, and Console. PUBG Mobile became one of the most popular online multiplayer games across the globe. However, in this meantime, due to tension between China and India, there were a lot of players who think about the game where it really belongs to. Therefore, The PUBG Mobile is a Chinese game or not over the current scenario #BOYCOTTCHINESEPRODUCTS, which is trending.

For putting it quietly, the answer is No, if Tencent is a Chinese company but is a developer of the game. In the market, many apps that claim to delete Chinese apps also involve video games, yet on the face of it leave out games like PUBG Mobile is a Chinese game that gives a bad impression.

Meanwhile, all the conception of PUBG is the work of an Irish game developer named Brendan Greene and a South Korean Studio called PUBG Corporation. PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of that base game, and it did not involve any Chinese companies. PUBG Mobile Is The Chinese Game Or Not Having a bet in the game and owning a game is different.


As we introduced above, the Brendan Greene was the creator of PUBG Mobile and worked for Blue Hole company. Then they founded a PUBG Corporation for the development of PUBG independently. Akash Das, who is a Quora user, explained how Tencent approach purchasing a bet in the company to develop the mobile version of PUBG.

When Tencent saw a tremulous growth of the games, then they approached to Blue hole company with an offer to publish this Battleground in China and partial partnership. Although, the Chinese government issued a statement that dispirits Battle Royale style games because they were stating that these games are too violent and deviate from Chinese values of Socialism.

After this, PUBG Corporation passed a formal argument with the Chinese government to allow the release of the game in the country with Tencent as the publishing partner. By the GameSpot, it is clear that Tencent’s participation was in collaboration with the South Korean PUBG Corporation, which means it is not right to say that this is a Chinese game.

The Mobile gaming giants Tencent has developed the mobile version of PUBG within the collaboration. They are working hard to create a genuine experience in PUBG Mobile that all players love this, the Tencent’s corporate vice President Chen Jerry said that a lot of work proceeds to controls and optimization for giving a smooth experience to the players.

As we all know that Tencent is mention in the splash screen of the PUBG Mobile alongside Blue hole. By this, Tencent having a right to distribution the PUBG Mobile version. Tencent was having ownership of shares in many games, and this is expected because Tencent is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

Tencent gaming grasps a lot of shares in gaming corporations that are famous like League of Legends, Clash of clans, Marvellous, Newmarket, Frontier developments, Activation Blizzard, Ubisoft, Miniclip, Yagar developments, Platinum Games, Epic Games, Glu games, Kakao games.


Doesn’t mean that all of these games are Chinese you can say that the Chinese company was giving involvement in the collaboration of launching a mobile version of PUBG as well as also having a right of distribution. But the ownership and the creation of the concept of the game are not Chinese.

Game for Peace
Game for Peace

Tencent Stake Holdings, According To Wikipedia Now, there we can be cleared that there is also a Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, which is only released for the Chinese market, which is called by Game for Peace. There is a PUBG Mobile that you can say this is actually international/global in nature with the Chinese PUBG Mobile that is for China only.

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