There is a vast array of web browsers available today. However, Opera is the only browser that inspired other browsers regarding features like Speed Dial, Pop-Up blocking, Reopen recently closed pages, tabbed browsing, and many more. Opera introduced these features first, and then other browsers adopted them. Even after 28 years, Opera is still actively developing.

Opera Introduced "Opera One", developer preview introduces new tab grouping, UI, and tab management features designed for generative AI to compete with Chrome and Edge.

Regarding the phrase “actively developing,” I want to let you know that Opera recently made an announcement on its official blog. The announcement concerns the arrival of a redesigned Opera (for desktop), “Opera One.” According to the developers, Opera One is a completely redesigned browser, whether we look at navigation, theme, functionality, etc. So, let’s see what exactly was done with Opera One.

Opera introduces “Opera One,” an entirely redesigned browser for your desktop.

We already told you how worthy and innovative Opera is. But all that we have said is about overall performance, including smartphones and desktops. They have already captured the maximum possible thing for smartphones, like Opera Touch, Opera Mini, and many more exciting features that other browsers don’t have. But somewhere, PC users feel downgraded because they don’t get any major changes.

Fortunately, after a long wait, Opera announced they would publicly introduce Opera One. As you should remember, Opera One is currently in beta testing for developers. Even Opera One has a dominant feature that highlights Tab Island, but people have yet to learn what it is exactly. We would like to explain what we will get in the all-new Opera One without delay.

Connect Tabs to Groups – Tab Islands

Opera Introduced "Opera One", developer preview introduces new tab grouping, UI, and tab management features designed for generative AI to compete with Chrome and Edge.

Tabs are the recognizable feature that introduced Opera into the web browser space. Previously, people who used different tabs faced problems meshing up or needing to be more organized. Thanks to Tab Islands, that problem has been fixed in Opera One. Here, different related tabs are automatically organized into specific groups or islands. Using CTRL+Left Click, select at least two tabs, right-click, and select “Create the island.” Additionally, you can collapse or expand those islands, so tab spacing is manageable.

Quick Access to Messenger, AI, Players – Sidebar Features

Opera Introduced "Opera One", developer preview introduces new tab grouping, UI, and tab management features designed for generative AI to compete with Chrome and Edge.

There are four main things that a user wants to be as fast as possible. These are Messenger (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram), Player (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer), AI (ChatGPT, Chatsonic), and Workspace (switch between two spaces in a single tap). However, these things were previously available with Opera, but now with design capabilities, and remember, AI is the first thing added to Opera’s Sidebar. You can get these features from the Opera One Homescreen in just a click.

Attractive Animations with a Seamless Experience – Multi-Threaded

With the newly redesigned version, Opera has included more advanced animations for the first time. It’s like switching tabs, opening a website, or anything else. But they used a technology stack with a multithreaded compositor to handle those heavy animations. Earlier animations were run with the help of UI threads, which led developers to restrict animations to the usual ones. Now, they can add more transitions and animations using multi-layering.

Make Room for New Features – Modular AI-Ready Design

Before Opera One, when opening a new tab, the given bar overlapped with immersive activities and was quite frustrating. But this time, the developer came up with a solution that is an AI-ready modular design that appears in the sidebar. In this design, if a tab or feature is added to the sidebar, the AI automatically creates a room and adjusts its modules accordingly. Consequently, this thing becomes more useful and makes the user experience smoother.


Opera One (early-access developer version)

Meanwhile, Opera One offers a complete liquid navigation experience. Windows, Mac, and Linux users will surely replace their old Opera with Opera One later this year. After reading these extreme features of Opera One, I am sure all of you crave this early-access developer version. So don’t worry, below we are sharing instructions to download and install Opera One and get a personal experience with Opera One features.

  1. Visit on your desktop.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the “Download now” option.
  4. Following this, a web installer will download.
  5. Now run the downloaded installer to install Opera One.
  6. That’s it! In a moment, Opera One will be installed on your desktop.

To conclude, Opera One is a new start for developers to provide a more fluid and transparent way to navigate. Here, developers try to improve the user experience using the features mentioned earlier. You should note that Opera One is not a substitute for Opera. It is an addition to the existing service. As a result, Opera One has incorporated all the features of Opera and some additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Opera One’s recent announcement the final release?

Ans. Opera One is in the early access developer phase, so it takes time to get its final release.

Q2. Which Opera version is the latest?

Ans. Opera 95 is the latest version released in February 2023 based on Chromium 109.

Q3. Is Opera faster than Chrome?

Ans. Opera is faster and more responsive, but it is slower than Chrome.

Q4. Is Opera GX faster than Opera?

Ans. Yes, Opera GX is specially designed to provide a speedy browsing experience.