As the use of tools like ChatGPT increases, educators and editors are facing the common problem that content is being generated by AI. This problem is because AI-generated content is inaccurate and spreads misinformation than useful information. We can use AI to edit and polish our content, not to create complete content.

So, if you are facing this problem, you can use an AI Content Detector. Many AI Content Detectors are available, and identifying AI content is quite difficult. I will be sharing an AI Online Detector that can help you. OpenAI is working on a meta-description tool that can detect AI content, but the company’s first-party tool was recently shut down due to low accuracy and misleading.

The Best AI Online Detector

There are many online tools available that claim to be accurate AI detectors, such as the GPT-2 Output detector, AI content Detector, and Content at Scale AI content detectors, but in our tests, the most accurate was the GPT-2 Output detectors and the GPTZero, ZeroGPT, and Write full GPT detectors.

Although many praise, it is not as reliable, so we do not recommend using it for AI content detection. It is important to check for plagiarism and detect AI content because you cannot use someone else’s content without permission for your own profit. Since AI datasets are trained on these datasets, the content you generate with AI will have plagiarism in it.

GPT-2 Output Detectors

Recently, a company named Hugging Face raised $40 million. It has a natural language library with high accuracy in test results. Therefore, we suggest using it to check AI-generated content.

Best Online Free AI Detector


It is unclear which technique and algorithm this company is using. Compared to others, it is quite reliable and free if you need to check 5000 words.

Best Online Free AI Detector

Content at scale AI content detection.

Recently, the company updated its database with a 2,600+ word blog post, which can be bypassed with minor adjustments. These tools are not very reliable when it comes to finding AI-generated content. This might be the reason for some traffic slowdowns.

Best Online Free AI Detector


With time, this tool has improved a lot. The company also offers other AI tools, such as the Pomodoro Timer and Large File Transfer apps. It works quite well.

Best Online Free AI Detector

class="wp-block-heading">Writeful GPT Detectors

This option could be viable and can gradually improve as the company grows.

Best Online Free AI Detector

Why not use ChatGPT-like tools for Content submission?

Even tools like ChatGPT that are trained on massive datasets and provide responses from a database when asked a question can lead to plagiarism in the content generated. Even if the content generated is in perfect English, AI assumes that humans cannot be that accurate.

In many cases, It is difficult to determine if the content was generated by AI, but plagiarism tools such as TurnItIn are recommended for institutions. They can identify which content is human-generated and which is not.

How to Identify AI-Generated Content

There are some simple practices that you can use to find out if the content has been generated using AI. Try these methods one by one:

  • Check for Unusual patterns. This is a simple method. If you find the pattern a little unusual, you can find out if AI has generated it. Look for repeated phrases, word combinations, or unusual or inconsistent sentence structures.
  • Check for uniqueness. Check for originality. You may find the source of the content and then match it to check for originality.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Many good plagiarism checkers are available in free and paid versions. Once you have checked for the content’s originality, check for plagiarism.
  • Wrong Answers: Normally, ChatGPT does not provide exact, accurate information. Look for numbers in the content, and that’s an easy way to find out if AI has generated the content, as AI is not good at handling numbers.

Several other factors can help you identify if the content has been generated by AI or not. It can be difficult to know whether the content is AI-generated, but you can use these tools to check for plagiarism.

The Best AI Content Plagiarism Checker

Here are the text-generated content plagiarism options for ChatGPT and other language models.

  • Turnitin is a very popular plagiarism checker used by schools and universities. The company uses various factors and an AI content plagiarism checker for this.
  • PlagScan: This is a different plagiarism checker that can be used where it compares a piece of text to a database. However, it is not a plagiarism checker that uses AI content. But it can be quite useful.
  • Copyleak: Here, an advanced machine algorithm is used to scan a piece of text and compare it to a database, and it can help you with copying or paraphrasing. You can use it to check the AI content.

This is not foolproof, but it is worth it if you want to check for plagiarism with AI identification online. You can use these options to filter whether the content is AI-generated or not. You need to pay attention to your experience as well, as it is important to ensure whether the content is AI-generated while checking.