Samsung’s latest smartwatch runs on WearOS and can be upgraded to the new operating system once it becomes available. In 2021, Samsung worked with Google to ditch their own smartwatch OS called TizenOS. The One UI watch debuted as new hybrid software for Galaxy Watches. One UI 5 will be a major upgrade over the previous version “4” of the OS, with new features, enhancements, and improvements to the WearOS, which is based on Android 11 (R). Samsung and Google are also working on integrating Health into the upcoming version of Android.

As One UI 5 Watch is based on WearOS, we can also expect Google to upgrade their WearOS platform. The new Samsung One UI 5 watch is designed for smartwatches aimed at improving sleep management, including sleep tracking and fitness functions to provide users with a better health management experience, including personalized coaching and other fitness-related features that help users track their physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One UI 5 Watch based on WearOS supports Samsung Watch. Beta is coming this month for eligible devices.

One UI Watch is a new user interface that runs on Samsung’s smartwatch. The new feature will improve functions, although it’s not clear what these functions are and will be available later this spring for watches that run on WearOS.

Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch

The company has announced their upcoming version of smartwatch OS, One UI 5 Watch. The beta version of the One UI 5 Watch will start enrolling this month. Before rolling out the stable version with the beta version, the company will gather feedback and start working on optimization to polish the One UI 5 Watch. There will be selected users who will get a chance to get One UI 5 Watch before it becomes widely available.

It is expected to be rolling out One UI 5 upgrade sometime in August this year. Moreover, the existing feature in One UI Watch 4.5 related to user safety has also been improved, but One UI 5 Watch includes enhancements to existing safety features that were introduced with the previous version of Galaxy Watch Operating system.

Eligible Samsung Smartwatches for One UI 5 WatchOS

Several smartwatches are eligible for Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch OS update. The Galaxy Watch running WearOS will be eligible for the One UI 5 Watch OS update. The beta version of the One UI 5 will come later this month for users who own Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 in certain markets through the Samsung Member app.

  • Galaxy Watch 5 Series
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch 5
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Series
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  • Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Watch will come preinstalled with One UI 5 Watch OS. The Galaxy Watch 6 Series will come preinstalled with One UI 5 Watch.

class="wp-block-heading">What We Can Expect with the One UI 5 Watch

There are several things that we can expect from One UI 5 Watch based on WearOS. Check out the following features. The company hasn’t shared any timeline for when they will start rolling out yet.

Sleep Management

Samsung Electronics will improve the sleep management feature by enhancing the One UI 5 Watch. It’s important to understand the sleep environment to improve sleep patterns and create a healthy sleep. This may include the capability of tracking sleep duration, quality, and stages, along with some personalized insights and suggestions for sleep improvements. Apart from this, there are many implementing features Samsung aims to promote and help users achieve overall health and well-being.

Users are able to access their sleep tips from their Galaxy Device, including tips for improving sleep along with recommendations such as avoiding caffeine 6 hours before bedtime and getting sunlight in the morning. The sleep score is at the top of the screen to enhance usability and make it easy and quick to check sleep duration and quality from the previous night with a quick glance at their watch. These updates aim to prioritize their sleep and give detailed decisions about sleep habits for better overall health and well-being. Additionally, there is a new “Sleep Better with Sleep Insight UI” on One UI 5 Watch designed to provide personalized suggestions based on your sleep pattern and habits. It will compile a sleep score based on your metrics on sleep phases, blood oxygen level, and snoring hours. Sleep coaching will be available for you to help build better, healthier sleep habits.

Personalized Fitness

One UI 5 Watch will offer a customized workout guide that also takes into account the user’s heart rate range. They can measure the Cardiopower, which means the individual’s cardiovascular fitness level. Whenever you have activity for at least 10 minutes, it will set the maximum oxygen intake V02Max and establish personalized heart rate intervals for both cardio and anaerobic experiences. With this, you can check watch users with tailored workout recommendations based on their current fitness level and heart rate, making exercise routines more efficient and effective. This will help users improve their fitness and reach their exercise goals in a personalized and effective way.

One UI 5 Watch based on WearOS supports Samsung Watch. Beta is coming this month for eligible devices.

One of the new features is a personalized exercise guide based on the user. Based on your data, there will be a customized workout with a selection of Warm-up, Fat Burn, Cardio, Heart Training, and Max Effort. Apart from this, there will be a GPX (GPS Exchange Format) route guidance function available on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This tech will help provide users with route guidance while exercising, particularly useful for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, running, and walking, and users can track their location on a map in real-time and receive turn-by-turn directions to stay on their planned route.

There will be five different levels of heart rate zones for running: Warm up, Fat burn, Cardio, Hard Training, and Max effort. This will ensure that you are doing a workout and help you keep track of your record. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also has access to GPX Files via Samsung Health to expand route workout settings for running and walking.

Safety Improvements

We can expect the Emergency SOS function to improve user safety in case of an emergency. This includes the feature that allows the user to be connected to an emergency number such as 119. By pressing the home button on the watch five times in a row, users can confirm whether they want to connect to their phone. This will come in handy, especially in dangerous and emergency situations. One of the new features, Personalized Heart Rate Zones, will also provide notifications to make it easier to stay in the desired heart rate zone during exercise.

For the emergency number such as 119, the Galaxy Watch screen will also give users access to medical information. However, users will need to provide their medical information. To do this, users need to register their medical information so that medical or emergency teams can take a closer look for a better understanding of the user’s vital information, such as allergies, medication, and medical history.

Seamless Integration

Apart from this, One UI 5 Watch will bring more seamless connectivity integration with SmartThings that will help Samsung build the ecosystem. This includes turning off connected devices when the watch detects sleep. Additionally, there will be an emergency communication SOS feature for direct communication with emergency services that will give you information, including the user’s location and access to medical information. This will also include fall detection, which will be enabled by default for ages 55 years and older.

One UI 5 Watch based on WearOS supports Samsung Watch. Beta is coming this month for eligible devices.

Samsung has yet to announce which countries will have the beta version available for testing. WearOS 4 might not be announced until September, but rumors suggest that Google might announce WearOS 4 during Google Android announcements this year.