When it comes to smartphones, software updates play a crucial role in enhancing functionality, security, and overall user experience. This is especially true in the case of the Nothing Phone, a unique device that has been making waves with its innovative features and design. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Nothing Phone OS updates, providing you with a comprehensive guide on how to keep your device up-to-date.

Unveiling the Nothing Phone

Ever since its debut, the Nothing Phone has captivated tech enthusiasts with its intriguing features and design choices. One of the standout features of this phone is its Glyph lighting interface, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers practical functionality. Additionally, Nothing’s decision to embrace a close-to-stock version of Android has been well-received by users who value a clean and intuitive user experience.

The Journey So Far: From Android 12 to Nothing OS 1.5

The journey of the Nothing Phone’s software updates began with its launch featuring the Android 12-based “Nothing OS.” Subsequently, the phone received a stable Android 13 update in the form of Nothing OS 1.5, which was rolled out in February of this year. One of the promises made by the company was to provide three years of Android upgrades and four years of security updates delivered every two months, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and security enhancements.

The Unique Approach to Updates

Unlike other manufacturers that follow a fixed update frequency, Nothing takes a more flexible approach. The company rolls out updates frequently, ensuring that users have access to the latest improvements and features. Notably, even the upcoming Nothing OS 2.0, designed for the Nothing Phone 2, is set to be available for the first-generation Nothing Phone, offering users a seamless transition to the latest software.

Understanding Regional Variants

Nothing has carefully considered regional differences in its update strategy. For the first-generation Nothing OS (based on Android 12), the company maintained two distinct regional variants: the “EEA” version for European countries and the global variant for Asian and Australian units. The differentiation ensures that the software aligns with the regulatory requirements of each region.

To identify the regional parameter of your device, you can run the following command in ADB shell or a Terminal Emulator app:Copy code


Streamlining Updates

With the release of Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta 2, the regional variants have been merged to simplify the update process. Both the global and European variants will switch to a unified over-the-air update (OTA) mechanism, starting with the Android 13 update. This streamlined approach ensures that users across different regions receive timely updates without unnecessary complexity.

Navigating the Update Index

Nothing follows a staged rollout model for its updates, which involves pushing new updates to a limited number of users before a broader release. Users can also choose to manually install updates by downloading the appropriate OTA package for their specific model. The update index provides a chronological list of builds, making it easy to identify the latest version available for your device.

Android 14 Beta Preview

Nothing has actively participated in Google’s Android 14 beta program for partners. While this offers an early glimpse of Android 14 for Nothing Phone 1 users, it’s important to note that this build may not be suitable for everyday use. Users looking to explore the latest features and improvements can consider trying out this beta version.

Software version and update channelFull update packageIncremental update packageRollback package
Developer Preview
Global/EEA: UKQ1.230321.002/2304282229Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from 1.5.4
To 1.5.4

Nothing OS 1.5: The Stable Release

The transition to Android 13 brought about the release of Nothing OS 1.5. This stable update introduced various improvements and enhancements to the phone’s performance and features. With incremental updates and hotfixes, Nothing ensures that users enjoy a smooth and optimized experience. Each update package comes with comprehensive release notes detailing the changes and additions.

Software version and update channelFull update packageIncremental update package
Nothing OS 1.5 Stable
Nothing OS 1.5.6Global/EEA: TKQ1.221220.001/2307061942Global/EEAGlobal/EEAIncremental from 1.5.5
Nothing OS 1.5.5Global/EEA: TKQ1.221220.001/2306190042Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from 1.5.4
Nothing OS 1.5.4Global/EEA: TKQ1.221220.001/2304282017Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from 1.5.3 Hotfix
Nothing OS 1.5.3 HotfixGlobal/EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/2303172039Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from 1.5.3
Nothing OS 1.5.3Global/EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/2303101650Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from 1.5.2
Nothing OS 1.5.2Global/EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/2302132131Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from global 1.1.8Incremental from EEA 1.1.8Incremental from Open Beta 2 Hotfix

Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta
Nothing OS 1.5.1 (Open Beta 2 Hotfix)Global/EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/1673708663Global/EEAGlobal/EEA

Incremental from Open Beta 2
Nothing OS 1.5.1 (Open Beta 2)Global/EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/1673363378Global/EEAGlobal/EEA
Incremental from Open Beta 1
Nothing OS 1.5.0 (Open Beta 1)Global: TKQ1.220915.002/1671077980EEA: TKQ1.220915.002/1671077980GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.7
Incremental from 1.1.7 Hotfix

Nothing OS 1 (Android 12)

Software version and update channelFull update packageIncremental update package
Nothing OS 1 Stable
Nothing OS 1.1.8Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1673511218EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1673511228GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.7
Incremental from 1.1.7
Nothing OS 1.1.7 HotfixGlobal: N/AEEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1669706700Global (N/A)EEAGlobalN/AEEA
Incremental from 1.1.7
Nothing OS 1.1.7Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1669043167EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1669043157GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.6
Incremental from 1.1.6
Nothing OS 1.1.6Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1666412462EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1666412468GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.5
EEAIncremental from 1.1.5
Incremental from 1.1.4
Nothing OS 1.1.5Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1665224106EEA:GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.4 Hotfix
EEAIncremental from 1.1.4 Hotfix
Nothing OS 1.1.4 HotfixGlobal: SKQ1.211230.001/1663771117EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1663735507GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.4
Incremental from 1.1.4
Nothing OS 1.1.4Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1663076245EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1663076289GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.3
Incremental from 1.1.3
Nothing OS 1.1.3Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1660378130EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1660378121GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.2
Incremental from 1.1.2
Nothing OS 1.1.2Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1658940711EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1658940712GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.1.0
Incremental from 1.1.0
Nothing OS 1.1.0Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1657907422EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1657910681GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.0.2
Incremental from 1.0.2
Nothing OS 1.0.2Global: SKQ1.211230.001/1657023912EEA: SKQ1.211230.001/1657024044GlobalEEAGlobal
Incremental from 1.0.1EEAIncremental from 1.0.1

Installation Made Easy: Sideloading Updates

Thankfully, Nothing Phone owners have the option to install updates manually through a process known as sideloading. This method involves downloading the relevant update package and installing it on the device, bypassing the need to wait for over-the-air delivery. Sideloading provides tech-savvy users with greater control over the update process and ensures that they can access the latest improvements as soon as they’re available.


Keeping your Nothing Phone up-to-date with the latest software builds is essential for a seamless user experience. The unique features of the Nothing Phone, coupled with the company’s commitment to delivering regular updates, ensure that users continue to enjoy the best that technology has to offer. Whether you’re exploring new features or enhancing security, staying informed about software updates enhances the overall smartphone journey.


  1. Can I manually install updates on my Nothing Phone?
    • Yes, you can sideload updates onto your Nothing Phone using the provided OTA packages for your model.
  2. How often does Nothing release software updates?
    • Nothing follows a flexible update strategy, ensuring timely releases for its devices.
  3. Is it recommended to install beta versions of Android?
    • Beta versions provide early access to new features but may not be as stable as official releases.
  4. Can I switch between regional variants through updates?
    • With the merge of regional variants in Nothing OS 1.5 Open Beta 2, updates are unified for all regions.
  5. What benefits do Nothing OS updates bring?
    • Updates bring performance improvements, new features, security enhancements, and bug fixes to your device.