We all know that Nothing OS is a custom operating system designed by Nothing Technologies specifically for their smartphones. With this OS, smartphone manufacturers try to provide a clean, fast, and near-stock Android experience with some unique features and distinct visual synergies. However, these things are not permanent, and developers tweak them periodically with an update.

The same they are doing right now. You will be glad to know that Nothing OS has released another new update. I am talking about the Nothing OS 2.5.3 Update that made a hard blueprint for all Nothing Phone users. Even they have publicly announced the update and a few glimpses of such features. But only a few users have complete details. So with this guide, we will try to explain what’s new in Nothing OS’s latest update.

What’s New in the Nothing OS 2.5.3 Update

Whenever a new update comes, everyone has a sharp eye for what’s new in such an update. After all, we all have a lot of expectations for future software updates. In such updates, developers introduce new features and improve previously reported bugs to enhance the overall user experience. Nothing that, here I am sharing some of the best highlights of the new Nothing OS 2.5.3 Update.

Now rolling out for Phone (1) is Nothing OS 2.5.3 with camera improvements.

Improved camera performance

As reported by sources, the Nothing OS 2.5.3 update saw a major improvement in camera performance. These improvements include better image clarity, enriched color saturation, and the most notable optimized OIS and EIS effects. So that you can click on the vibrant culture and scenic locations of your nearby or any desired location.

Recorder Widget

Another thing found in the Nothing OS 2.5.3 update is the recorder widget. Now Nothing Phones receive quick access to a voice recorder with a dedicated widget on the home screen. It seems to be perfect for capturing those vibrant ideas or recording notes on the go, especially while exploring the rich history and traditions of any cultural place.

Customizable haptic feedback

Alongside other things, Nothing Phones now has a new level of control. I mean, users can customize the haptic feedback. Now Nothing Phone has three haptic feedback levels, where you can choose the intensity that best suits your preferences, making interactions more personalized.

New Ringtones addition

Nothing OS adds a new ringtone to the default menu of the phone. So any user who is bored with the default ringtones on the phone gets a new experience. However, the exact number of ringtones has yet to be disclosed, but new ringtones are indeed added to sharpen the user experience.

Smooth user experience

The newly identified Nothing OS update focuses on improving the overall user experience. With this, you can expect smoother app launches, more refined animations, and optimized memory management so that, whatever the previous experience, everything should get in line with user requirements.

Besides that, the Nothing phone has a few tweaks that can make a huge difference. These are camera watermark supports showing focal length, improved effect of raw HDR photography, fixed issue with pedometer widget, resolved icon not display issues, and also fixed previously reported fingerprint and occasional black screen issues.

Devices eligible for the Nothing OS 2.5.3 Update

While there is no confirmation from officials, as I found, the OS 2.5.3 update is Android 14-based. It means speculations can be made that all phones that have access to Android 14 will surely get such a new update and its features. From that, we can say that Nothing Phones are Nothing Phone 1 and Nothing Phone 2a. However, you can find the right way when checking for updates in the settings. You can do this with the help of the below section. 

Instructions for Installing the Nothing OS 2.5.3 Update 

The OS 2.5.3 update has not started rolling out, but of course, some users will get it first, and further it will expand. So whoever is interested in getting such a new update should just check for it through the built-in phone function. In any case, if anyone doesn’t know how to approach it, then such users can follow the instructions below. But before that, ensure that you have stable Internet connectivity and that your phone is completely charged. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to System and get into it.
  3. Now tap on System Update.
  4. After that, tap on the “Check for Updates” button.
  5. Following this, if any update is available to you, it will show there.
  6. Next, tap on the download and install option.
  7. Once it is done, restart your phone to apply the OS update.
  8. That’s it. Your Nothing OS 2.5.3 update has been installed.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, it appears that the Nothing OS 2.5.3 update brings a wave of exciting improvements to your Nothing phone. From enhanced camera capabilities to a smoother user experience, this update elevates your phone’s functionality and enjoyment. Whether you’re capturing a vibrant culture or simply navigating daily tasks, Nothing OS 2.5.3 empowers you to do more with your device. So, follow the provided guide and get ready to experience the latest and greatest that Nothing OS has to offer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Which Nothing phones are eligible for the 2.5.3 update?

Ans. While an official confirmation is pending, currently the Nothing Phone (2a) is the most likely option to receive the 2.5.3 update due to its recent release and the update’s focus on camera improvements. You can always check for updates directly on your phone by following the instructions in the article.

Q2. Is Nothing OS 2.5.3 based on Android 14?

Ans. No, OS 2.5.3 is not the first update to bring Android 14. The stable update for Android 14 with Nothing OS 2.5 was already rolled out to the Nothing Phone (1) in late January 2024 and likely came pre-installed on the Nothing Phone (2a).

Q3. What are the key features of the Nothing OS 2.5.3 update?

Ans. The update focuses on improvements like enhanced camera performance, a recorder widget for quick audio capture, customizable haptic feedback, a smoother overall user experience, and additional ringtones.

Q4. How do I install the Nothing OS 2.5.3 update?

Ans. The article provides a step-by-step guide specifically for Mathura users in India. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, sufficient storage space, and at least 50% battery charge before starting the update process.