Google’s own Pixel Watch isn’t the highest-performing smartwatch that comes with Google’s Wear OS, but it offers some unique features that its competitors need to deliver. The latest watch faces are among the few instances. Google designed its watch faces with aesthetics in mind, but these watch faces are only available for some to use on their Wear OS smartwatches. So, if you want to use those brand-new watch faces, today we are happy to share a simple workaround.

The Google Pixel Watch comes with 18 unique watch faces, including simple and complex designs with data stacks related to health and fitness tracking. You can also use the following guide to install the updated watch faces on your Galaxy Watch 4 or 5. For popular devices such as the Samsung smartwatch, you can download the APK and follow the installation guide we provided. This will enable you to successfully install the updated watch faces from Google Pixel Watch on your Wear OS smartwatches.


Pixel Watch watch faces

Simply download the app, sideload it on your smartwatch, and follow the instructions to finish setting it up. If you are still getting familiar with sideloading an APK on a Galaxy smartwatch, follow the instructions below.

Sideload Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3

You will have to use ADB to install the watch faces from the Pixel Watch on your Wear OS. Then, download the APK and save the package in the same directory where your ADB platform tool is saved on your PC. After that, let’s begin by preparing your smartwatch for ADB debugging. Follow the guide mentioned below.

  • Open the settings on your watch and head to the software information page.
  • After that, tap on the software version multiple times to enable developer options.
  • Once you have enabled developer options, navigate to the main settings menu and choose developer options.
  • Next, you need to toggle ADB debugging and enable the debug over Wi-Fi option.
  • Before proceeding, ensure your watch is connected to Wi-Fi, and note down the IP address mentioned under the “Debug over Wi-Fi” option.
  • Now, to debug over Wi-Fi, connect your PC to the same network. Open CMD in the ADB platform, enter “ADB connect,” followed by the IP address in the CMD, and hit enter.
  • When that is done, you will be prompted with a permission dialogue asking if you would like to allow debugging. Click OK, and then decide whether you want to enable debugging this one time or permanently. In case you want to avoid repeating the process.
  • Now, enter the command “ADB -s “IP address” and “install filename.apk” and hit enter to install the Pixel Watch Face APK. As we said, you must save the APK in the same folder as the ADB platform to work with this command. Alternatively, you can also rename the APK to simplify this process.
  • CMD will prompt you with success after this process is completed. You should be able to disconnect from ADB using CMD by entering “adb disconnect” and disabling ADB debugging on your smartwatch.

That’s it. We hope you have successfully installed the newly released Pixel Watch Faces on your watch companion app. You can now install them on your Galaxy Watch, with all 18 watch faces included in the wearable app. Greetings! We would like to hear your valuable opinions and feedback. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions.