Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms globally, with over 221 million subscribers. The company has started rolling out another helpful feature called “My Netflix” to improve the user experience. This feature will be available on mobile as a shortcut for users to find content to watch easily.

“My Netflix” will improve the overall experience of deciding what to watch by recommending recently watched movies, TV shows, and series. It also allows you to continue watching the last thing you were watching while reminding you about upcoming content. This option will appear in place of the “Download” tab in the Netflix mobile app, located in the bottom-right corner of the screen for easy access.

Until now, users have had to scroll for some time before finding new movies, TV shows, series, or anything else. Although there was a “Recently Watched” section, “My Netflix” will save time by including reminders of upcoming titles, recently watched content, and new titles to watch based on your previous shows. You can shuffle between play options to find content.

Netflix New Updates: Add “My Netflix”

The feature is currently available on iOS devices, and the company said it would be releasing the iOS version by early August. It uses the existing “Recommended Based on Your Watch History” and “Recommended Based on Your Likes.” Combining these two prepares a unique list of shows and movies to watch. In this era, an app must have personalized recommendations to become famous. Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and even social media platforms like Instagram are good at recommending content for people to watch and listen to.

Without recommendations, you need to choose a category, like “documentary,” and from there, you have to select titles to begin watching the content. Also, for movies, you need to choose a genre. So now, you don’t have to waste a lot of time doing this; most of the content will be recommended through the “My Netflix” section.

What Appears on My Netflix

These features are designed for those spending a lot of time curating all TV shows. This will save time and give users more personalized recommendations.

Netflix launches personalized "My Netflix" tab for saved content
  • First, the My Netflix tab has moved in place of Download.
  • There will be thumbs Up as feedback for shows and movies it recommends.
  • TV series and films will be saved on My List.
  • History of trailers viewed by the user.
  • Recently viewed history
  • Reminders set by the user
  • Shows that the user is in the middle of watching.

This feature is valuable for all users; with it, you have a specific selection of content from the massive library of Netflix. The more you interact, watch, and bookmark your preferences, the better it will recommend content. However, in the My Netflix tab, you also have trailers that you have protected, and the recommended content will have feedback through which you can upvote and downvote according to your preferences.

This new feature could be helpful to clear up space in the navigation menu, as it clears up the Popular section. The My Netflix tab will contain your saved My List and Continue Watching and Watch It Again recommendations. As it sounds, it is more focused on preferences, and you are more intent on watching.

It’s a welcome feature and has been immensely appreciated by reporters and users who try the My List feature on Netflix. According to reports, Netflix has gained 5.9 million members for 238.4 million global members.

The legacy space is still there, where you have your Home tab with a dedicated row for “Continue Watching” and “Watch it Again.” This dedicated tab will offer a clutter-free experience if you still decide what to watch. Meanwhile, the My Netflix tab has made its way throughout the app while interacting with various elements of it.

Recently, the company has tried different things to make the platform more engaging. However, some features have not been as popular as Netflix thought. For example, Netflix has introduced the ability to watch movie trailers instead of movies, which nobody seems to like. Additionally, Netflix has also announced ways to curb password sharing in India.