Over the last few years, we all have heard about UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Also, the Indian Government is doing more to encourage the digital economy. Google has launched a payment interface called Google Pay that offers all banking services on a single mobile app. Initially, it launched as Tez, but later it was renamed Google Pay.

As a Payment interface, Google Pay has a unified UI so that even a beginner can use it. But, it is an entirely new thing and also relates to finance. So, people are worried about using such apps. And the bank fraud they see daily also makes a big difference. For this reason, below, we are sharing a guide that indeed craves you to use Google Pay.

How to Use Google Pay – Complete Guide

Google Pay runs over UPI, which can manage multiple bank accounts on the one hand. It is a 24×7 Instant service that you can operate from anywhere. Even though Google Pay has Google’s trust and responsibility, some users still hesitate to Switch it. We tried to find out the reason behind that and found people have very little knowledge about it.

Moreover, we have prepared a guide to explain the complete usage of Google Pay with some easy breakups. So, People who are currently hesitating for Google Pay can further switch on it and contribute their share to developing a digital India campaign. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Check Pre-Requirements

Google Pay is a dedicated Payment application that needs strict behavior. There are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill. Otherwise, You”ll be in trouble while switching on it. So, Those requirements are given as follows –

  • Users must be 16 years old or above users who are 16 years old and below 18 need to grant permission from their Parents.
  • You must have a Google account.
  • Your Phone must have NFC support, In case you want Contactless Payment.
  • Your Smartphone must have Android 5.0 or above and iOS 10 or above.
  • The user must have a debit or credit card. 

Download and Setup Google Pay

Google Pay is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. So that iOS and Android users can easily download it. Below are the steps that guide you in downloading and setting up Google Pay.

  • Open Google Play Store/App Store.
  • Search for Google Pay and download it.
  • Once done, Open the Google Pay App.
  • Choose Your Country and Tap on Continue.
  • Select Google Account and Continue.
  • Enter the Phone number associated with your bank account and Tap on Next.
  • Enter the security code received on your phone number and wait for verification.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • That’s it, and You have successfully created Google Pay Profile.

Add Debit or Credit Card

Once you have set up your Google Pay profile, the only thing left is to add a bank account. Meanwhile, you need to add your debit or credit card through which you will receive and make payments. So, follow the below instructions to add them.

  • Open Google Pay App.
  • Tap on the Insights tab appearing at the bottom right.
  • Choose Show All Accounts << Add card.
  • Now Enter your card details and follow on-screen instructions.
  • That’s it; your debit or Credit card has been added to your Google Pay Profile.

How to Pay Using Google Pay

You have set up Google Pay and added a Debit card to your profile. Now the turn is to know how to pay using it. Because it is a new and sensitive thing that needs clear steps to understand, below are some instructions that guide you in delivering using Google Pay.

  • Launch the Google Pay App.
  • Under the Home tab, head to Send or request.
  • Choose the contact you want to pay/Use the Scan option to pay at stores.
  • Enter the amount and tap on pay.
  • That’s it; in such a way, you can pay using Google Pay.

Moreover, Google Pay has a dedicated section for offers where you can apply such requests to get benefits on additional purchases. Also, You can send gift cards to your loved ones through the Home tab << Add card << Gift Card << on-screen instructions. Also, You can do several things such as phone/tv recharge and many other facilities available on it.

However, Google Pay has no monopoly as some competitors, such as Samsung Pay and Apple pay, also do the same. But, Google Pay has trust and reliability that attract users to use only Google Pay. Earlier many of you hesitated to use Google Pay. But, after reading this guide, we assume all your doubts have now cleared still; if any user has a query, feel free to ask them in the below-appearing section.