Microsoft suddenly stopped rolling out Windows 11 after users reported encountering errors. The company has implemented preventative measures by making this an optional update, which means it will not automatically install until users manually check for and install the update.

The issue causing the problem is not clear. MSI issued BIOS updates in preparation for Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen desktop CPUs, codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh. This article will share a guide on troubleshooting and why the issue is occurring.

Windows 11 Update Error

Microsoft publishes updates for Windows 11 every month and has released patch updates with security updates. They have also released a second update as an optional update with quality features.

Reports suggest that the company has started rolling out the patch and recovering. The update goes through an insider preview before being released to retail copies of Windows 11. Issues were reported after the release.

Windows 11 KB5029351 Update Causes Blue Screen (BSOD) Errors

After upgrading, users see BSODs with an “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” error message for KB5029351. This is an optional update that is causing MSI PCs to have Blue Screen of Death errors. The company has also released MSI BIOS along with the Windows update. This issue is affecting both Intel and AMD hardware using MSI motherboards. It is still unclear what the issue encountered by MSI or Microsoft is, but the company has acknowledged it. The update also fails to boot with an “unsupported processor” when you start your PC to install KB5029351.

The BIOS update may cause the Blue Screen of Death error, and when it comes to MSI releasing the update to add support for the Intel 14th Gen SoC, Microsoft has confirmed that they are still investigating the reports. This optional update brings several improvements, such as adding a new hover behaviour for the search box within the taskbar search and giving access to flyout by hovering over the search box.

The update includes fixes for issues with the search icon, bugs affecting the TAB key, and a broken narrator that prevents identifying the search box on the taskbar. Rolling back to the previous BIOS update and uninstalling the previous version of Windows is recommended.