Coronavirus has caused many industries to lose much more due to social distancing formula as directed by WHO. But, if we talk about the gaming industry, it is not that much affected because Many of the games are online as well as multiplayer and can be played from home. Moreover, According to the “Mortal” Mathur, as a best player and steamer of pubg mobile. He thinks that gaming is not much impacted by COVID-19.

Because during the lockdown of the country as directed by their government. The pro teams can practice together in their boot camps. The streamers can also do their regular works and stream from their home as they usually do. As many of the big tournaments cancelled and postponed but On pubg, you can play them online as scheduled.

In the view of Mortal, team soul can practice for 5 hours a day. But during the tournament, they can rest to make themselves more efficient. He also told that earlier he always used sniper rifles but now he is switching to DP-28. During this lockdown, team soul is focusing on improving their strategy and strategy rather that of winning the matches.

Mortal also shared about the future of the pubg will always remain on top for over a long time because of its esports scene. While the competitor Call of Duty is also User gainer game, it’s still always beyond the Pubg. So, collectively Gaming industry will not be affected by COVID-19 because all the games are online and multiplayer, which can be played from home.

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