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Spotify announced the Concert Ticket sale and Redesigned the feed to separate Podcase. Not to mention, It is one of the most popular music streaming applications. Now, Spotify users can purchase tickets for live music events.

Currently, a limited number of artists are onboard for this program, including Limebeck, Annie DiRusso, Crows, Osees, and TOKiMONSTA. The company is rolling out the update globally, where you can see the visual changes on the home screen. Now there is a dedicated feed for you to discover new kinds of music. You will instantly notice the new pill-shaped button, and the thing that makes Spotify great is the reliable way of discovering new music thanks to its algorithm.

Spotify is now selling concert tickets. Interesting timing.

Which is now improved; you can now discover the new release and playlist, Podcast & Shows, and they are now labelled as music, and Podcast & Shows are placed in the upper-right corner of the screen.

By creating these feeds, Spotify will help listeners easily scroll through the type of content they’re looking for at that moment, Spotify said.

The layout is now more scrollable with those cards. To read more about the same, click on “read more” to see the description. Spotify is gradually rolling out and is now available for Android and is expected to be released on iOS quite soon.

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Not to mention, Spotify already has a live music feed for a long time. With the feature of purchasing live events, tickets make it more handful. Recently, We have seen TikTok doing the same they have been a partner with TicketMaster.