Recently, Microsoft released its Bing AI chatbot in other browsers as well. Previously, it was only available on desktops, but now it can also be accessed on mobile devices. This shows that Microsoft is focusing on expanding its Bing AI chatbot, an integral part of its plans.

Since the release of the Bing Chatbot six months ago, Microsoft has been updating it with new features. They have recently integrated Microsoft Visual Search into the Bing AI Chatbot, allowing image reverse search. Additionally, the Bing AI Chatbot now has a Dark mode. With over 1 billion chats and 750 million images shared on Bing, this expansion will likely increase usage even further before the launch of the new Bing.

Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot on Mobile

Although Microsoft officially had Bing AI Chatbot accessible through Bing Apps and Bing Browser on mobile, now it has a new feature that is part of Bing and can do all the normal Bing tasks such as summarising web pages, responding to queries, generating images, and many more benefits.

While Microsoft will still support its Bing Chatbot in web browsers and ensure its preferential treatment with Bing, the company also supports longer conversations and chat histories. On the desktop version of Edge, the chatbot is placed on the browser sidebar. Bing works the same on other browsers as on Edge and the Bing App. You can choose which mode to use, such as Creative, balanced, or precise.

You can then answer your question or make content requests by entering the prompt or input. You can use the Bing Chatbot as usual and use all its features, including generating images based on prompts.

Features of the Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot

Here are some of the new features that Microsoft has added to the Bing AI chatbot:

  • Bing Image Creator
  • Chat History
  • Bing Mobile App
  • Windows Copilot
  • Bing in SwiftKey
  • Third-party browser support
  • Multimodal visual search
  • Dark Mode
  • Bing Chat Enterprise

Using Microsoft Bing on Chrome

Microsoft has already released the Bing Chatbot to some users in Chrome and Safari on both desktop and mobile. The company is expanding its reach to make the Bing Chatbot accessible on iOS and Android but not on iPadOS. The company is slowly rolling it out to more browsers, including Firefox, in the coming months.

However, Microsoft wants Bing AI Chatbot users to use Edge, which is why they have implemented several limitations, such as not being able to have longer conversations and keeping a history of your chats. Bing Chatbot on Mobile only allows five messages per chat, whereas Edge supports 30 simultaneously. Additionally, some browsers have a limit of 2,000 characters per request, compared to 4,000 in Edge. Bing’s AI Chatbot prompts users to use Edge to better understand and chat with Bing.

Our company’s mobile version of Bing Chatbot will improve over time and be optimized to meet your needs across different browsers. However, many features that Microsoft announced at Build 2023 still need to be included, like plugin support and more. To refine the existing experience and enhance everything, Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot integrates CoPilot into Microsoft 365, Windows CoPilot, and others. Additionally, businesses have announced Bing AI Enterprise, so they do not have to worry about the confidentiality of files.

Furthermore, the company is ensuring there will not be a plagiarism issue as Microsoft Edge has a new feature that allows you to rewrite text with Bing. However, it is only available in Canary Channels under a Controlled rollout. This means it may take some time before it is accessible to everyone. To access the Rewrite option, you only have to use the Alt + I keyboard shortcut.