Why Mid-range Better Than Flagships in daily usage for certain users.

Most of the Smartphone Manufacture Like Poco F2 Were becoming a Flagship Smartphone With a Superior Design. Where we look toward Mid-range Smartphone even for those Who could afford a Flagship Smartphone.
As the trend goes the Mid-range Flagship can be a Battery Smartphone for you.

We need a Smartphone With Price to Performance Ratio Where Quality also Mean a lot. Most of the Smartphone Manufacture has there Smartphone Series, Where the Most Expensive Device is Premium and Lowest is Budget. But the scenario is getting change from last year.

Here We get Smartphone with Small notch and Less Bezels also With Curved Glass Covered With Pretty Premium Design Smartphones. But those Smartphone are not Well Quality, Which leads the Glass break, Easily getting Scratch and Without Oleophobic.

Now, Flagship Smartphone having More than a Touchscreen, Dual Camera and Ports. They Need to Such Big things to Stand out by Pushing its Limits. Like Making a Bezeless Smartphone, Triple or More than this Camera Sensors, Mechanical Sliders or In-display Fingerprint Sensor, Making Smartphone Slimer and User Premium Material With fancy Gradient and More like this. These Small thing making Smartphone more premium also Pushing Everything to its Final limit. Because they Have a lot of Competitors, If they Don’t they Start Loosing.

A long time ago Smartphone Manufactures Use to Put the Best Version of Hardware and Software into a Smartphone, So you can Decide that you have to Pay Extra for that or Not. Today also Super AMOLED mainly Seems to be in a Flagship Smartphone.

Midrange Vs Flagship

We Don’t Say that Mid-range Smartphone Compete With Flagship, Even they Can’t Compete in Every Singal Categories. Mainly Mid-range is not to Brighter as you Find on Flagship. Not to Mention Mid-range Smartphone are not Waterproof and the Cameras. For Price these are Mind-blowing But i is Un-fair to Comparing the Flagship and Mid-range Smartphone.


Thanks a lot for Being With us, Let us Know What did you think about Mid-range and Flagship Smartphone. Also Mention Why Really matter to you in Mid-range and Flagship Small in the Comment Section Below.