Remember a few years ago when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker? They added a few basic editing features to their photo application to compensate. But we all know that more was needed to get clear results. Recently, Microsoft officials announced that their previously acquired video editing tool “ClipChamp” would be available to Microsoft 365 commercial users soon. This is only an announcement; the full rollout will take place at the end of this month.

If you don’t know, Clipchamp is a video editing app designed to simplify editing for everyone. The best part about ClipChamp is that you don’t need any prior knowledge of video editing; just start from the beginning. Microsoft acquired it in 2021 and plans to release it through Microsoft 365 for commercial use. So that from now on, for basic business presentations, users can go within the Microsoft ecosystem. Let’s discuss how to get ClipChamp.

How to download and use Microsoft ClipChamp

Being a Microsoft product, ClipChamp is merely available for all Windows users. And It has numerous features to explore, ranging from green-screen video editing to 1080p support. This video editing software has two editions: ClipChamp Basic and ClipChamp Essential. The CiipChamp Basic is a free version from them that has basic features and limited abilities. But with the Essential variant, you have a complete exploration of this software starting at $885 per month.

As a basic thing, you can download ClipChamp directly via the Microsoft Store, as you usually do with normal software downloads. But yes, since the video editing app will be released under the Microsoft 365 package, you have complete integration with OneDrive, Word, and other Microsoft services. Meanwhile, the ecosystem will get a new member in line. Remember, such an ecosystem is only for Microsoft 365 commercial users, which is dedicated to Business plan holders. So, let’s look at the instructions to install Microsoft ClipChamp.

  1. Simply Head to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Then Search for ClipChamp there.
  3. Now Click on the Get button and start downloading it.
  4. Once the download finishes, open the ClipChamp app.
  5. Next, log in via your Microsoft Account.
  6. That’s it; you are ready to use Clipchamp.

Now that you have installed ClipChamp on your device, the next step is to use it. For this, let you know to use whatever template you use and explore the different editing features. Or, if you don’t find anything, you can check the tutorial for that software on the app itself. Everyone has different ideas when it comes to video editing. It’s up to you which editing feature you want to add to your video using Clipchamp. Apart from that, be ready for the end of this month, as a commercial user, when you will get a complete Microsoft Ecosystem with such a video editor.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is Clipchamp free to download?

Ans. It is free to download but includes a paid plan as well.

Q2. Can I use Clipchamp offline?

Ans. No, it actively requires an internet connection.

Q3. Is there a 30-minute limit on Clipchamp?

Ans. WebCam and Screen Recording are limited to 30 minutes in Clipchamp.

Q4. Does Clipchamp have an overlay?

Ans. Yes, it appears as a separate feature there.