This is an announced developer conference by Microsoft, which is scheduled to take place from May 23 to May 25 in Seattle, Washington. On May 23 and May 24, the conference will be conducted online, which users can watch for free by registering on the Microsoft Build Page. During that event, we can expect the company to announce new AI advancements, and we can expect to see more at Build, including new Microsoft technologies and opportunities to network with other developers.

If you want to check everything, you can access the Conference Catalogue, which is available on the Build Website. Users can use the Catalog to track sessions, so you can find the ones that are most relevant to you. There are over 380 sessions, including sessions on a variety of topics such as Azure, Windows, Office 365, and AI. Then, choose which session you want to tune in for. The session will run all day beginning at 4AM PT.

Microsoft Build Releasing a Steady Stream of AI Upgrades Across All of Its Platforms, Including Windows, Office, and Azure

Microsoft has made a significant investment in AI research and development, and with all the efforts which resulted in a number of innovative products and services such as Bing Chat and Azure AI. The company is leveraging its growing popularity and the momentum at Build 2023 as the company is propelled to the forefront of the AI race with a multitude of AI advancements and projects. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, will kick off the event with an opening keynote.

We can expect the company to continue this stream at Build, and some features announced in early May have yet to be rolled out, including plugins for third parties such as OpenTable. These upgrades are aimed to make Microsoft’s products and services more intelligent, efficient, and user-friendly. There is no limit on the number of people that can attend in person. Last year, Microsoft held a virtual and more limited in-person event due to the COVID pandemic.

  • Bing Chat Feature: This will allow users to have natural language conversations with Bing.
  • Azure AI Platform: Developers have new Azure AI platform tools and resources they need to build and deploy AI applications.
  • Microsoft Translator app: This will give users the ability to translate text and speech in real-time.

There are two ways to attend Build 2023: online or in-person, and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world online. The in-person experience includes keynotes, breakout sessions, and hands-on labs, and the online experience includes keynotes, breakout sessions, and on-demand content.

  • In-person experience: Attendees have to pay $1,525 to attend in Seattle and can meet Microsoft employees and explore.
  • Pre-day workshop: Attendees have to pay $225, which allows you to delve into a specific topic or ramp up quickly on topics.
  • Windows 12: It is also possible that Microsoft will discuss upcoming Windows 11 features and Windows 12.

Microsoft Build digital experience is free, and it allows you to access sessions on your own schedule. The official webpage for Microsoft Build has been updated with the date and registration is now open.

This conference is a great opportunity to learn about new Microsoft technologies and to network with developers, students, engineers, and technology professionals to learn about Microsoft products.
  • Next-Gen AI for Developers with Cloud: Focus on how developers can use Microsoft’s Cloud Platform to build AI-powered applications.
  • Next Generation AI innovation for Productivity, Life, and Learning: It will focus on how AI is being used to improve productivity, life, and learning experiences.
  • CoPilot: Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott will announce the Microsoft AI CoPilot that will help developers write code more quickly and easily.
  • Build and Maintain your Company Copilot with Azure ML and GPT-4: This will focus on how companies can use Azure Machine Learning and GPT-4 to build their own AP CoPilots.
  • AI Experience on Windows, Windows on ARM, and ARM64 apps: This will focus on how AI will improve the user experience of Windows on ARM and ARM64 apps.
  • Fluent 2: This will focus on the evolution of Microsoft’s Fluent Design Language.

Anyone can register for either the in-person session or the digital experience online today. COVID vaccination and testing are not required to attend in person. There is a pre-day in-person workshop, followed by the traditional in-person event. The global digital event will run from May 23 to May 24. The company might discuss upcoming Windows 11 features and its AI plans.

AI could be a significant theme of Build 2023. Also, expected to be announced at the conference are new AI advancements, including updates to Windows 11, Bing, and Edge at Build 2023, which might even carry over to Windows and Windows Development that doesn’t typically bring a lot of consumer news.