To answer all such rumours, Microsoft announced a few tools for creators to empower more productivity. At their Ignite 2022 event, Microsoft confirmed all the leaks spreading for a long time. Microsoft designer apps play a tremendous role. Several creators are waiting for such Graphic designing apps. In this Guide, We are Going to Share “Microsoft announced new AI-based tools to Empower Creators: New Designer, Bing Image Creator & More.”

Moreover, the officials have made the announcement and will likely roll it out soon. But the excitement is to know. What major things are likely to see with the upcoming Microsoft Products. No doubt, Microsoft always believes in offering reliable products.

Microsoft announced new AI-based tools to Empower Creators: New Designer, Bing Image Creator & More.

We all know that Microsoft 365 is one of the best programmes known for productivity. Subsequently, developers tried to uplift the same with new innovative tweaks. Likewise, Microsoft 365 has some tools that work for higher productivity. Certainly, Microsoft Designer is one allowed to create social media posts and all other designing things.

Compared to Canva, Microsoft designer is more optimized; credit goes to OpenAI’s DALL.E 2. Even though it is coming over Microsoft 365, the developers promised to avail the same on Microsoft Edge. But, if you want a free web preview, you can get it by clicking here. Microsoft Designer is an AI-based tool that might take some time to release properly.

Along with the designer tool, there is one AI-supported image Creator tool called Microsoft bing. It is mostly similar to the designer tool, except it is dedicated to Bing and creating new images. However, This feature is under gradual release, but you can find it under the images tab on Bing. Alternatively, it is available as an image creator icon in Edge’s Sidebar.

Furthermore, Microsoft launched a new website called Microsoft to create. It is a creator-oriented website that offers a list of various articles, videos, templates and more from similar creators that will help guide new users. Collectively, It is the Ultimate creator launchpad for creating videos, graphic designs, documents, presentations, and more.

The last thing announced is Clipchamp, an inbox video editor forming as a part of the Microsoft 365 family. While using a designer, Clipchamp will work as a complement tool, specifically when video editing is involved. As a Microsoft 365 member, Clipchamp has premium services with almost the same plans as the office suite. 

In a nutshell, Microsoft again tweaked their Office 365 family and formed new pillars for user productivity. However, there are still a few things left to announce, but the excitement is for AI-based image creators over Bing. So, let’s see when these new announcements get released and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Does Microsoft have design software?

Ans. Microsoft will soon launch a designer app forming part of Microsoft 365.

Q2.Is Microsoft Designer free?

Ans. Probably not, but you can access its free web version from its official website.

Q3.Is Clipchamp fully free?

Ans. Earlier it was free, but now as a part of Microsoft 365, it might be possible to pay for it.

Q4.Does Microsoft Bing use AI?

Ans. Yes, the recent announcement confirmed it to be an AI-based Image Creator.