Meta, formerly called Facebook, was earlier suggesting users create a single account, whether Facebook or Instagram, but now changed their tune. Recently, Meta tweeted with an announcement that they are soon introducing a switching button. Users who have multiple accounts can switch easily.

Moreover, According to Meta’s data, numerous people have multiple accounts on Facebook. And, For logging in to each account, users need to log out of one and later log in to another. Keeping that in mind, Meta decided to offer a switching tool so that users can easily switch between multiple Facebook accounts and Instagram.

Meta Announced Easy Switch between Facebook and Instagram

We all know that Facebook and Instagram are the two members of the same family called Meta. For this reason, Meta is working to create a tool that can easily switch between Instagram and Facebook accounts. So, any user with a dedicated Facebook or Instagram app can switch between them.

However, there is a condition that Users who have linked their Facebook and Instagram profiles through Meta’s Centralized Profile hub as this will affect Meta, which Facebook or Instagram profile is connected to its other Platform. Following this, No matter what meta app you use, you can switch from anyone.

As of now, Meta has only announced its upcoming plan. And currently, this switching feature is in the testing phase. But, more likely, the test will soon be available to all android, iOS, and web users. Meanwhile, Meta is now working on giving a centralized experience to its users. They want a suite app that interconnects all its subsidiaries as much as possible.

Furthermore, There is one more reason that Meta planned to offer a switching tool. Meta knows that even at the Tik-Tok time. Users do not leave one of Meta’s products. It means they give interconnected experiences between Facebook and Instagram. Then, it will result in more user engagement with their app.

Overall, Meta is trying to go ahead with their vision as they want a dedicated ecosystem for which the first step has been taken. So be ready to switch between Facebook and Instagram in a single tap. However, it takes some time, but probably developers will launch soon, expectedly at the end of this year.