Meta Quest 2 is a popular VR headset with an AR (augmented reality) feature. The company added new features to Quest 2, such as Passthrough, Multitasking, and hand tracking.

Update Meta Quest 2

Before you begin, make sure you have updated your software to the latest version. Follow these instructions:

  • Put on your headset and turn it on.
  •  Press the Oculus button on the right controller.
  •  Click on the time, battery, or Wi-Fi icon.
  •  Select Settings in the top-right corner.
  •  Select System.
  •  Select Software Update from the left menu.
  •  Select Update Now to start updating your Meta Quest 2 if an update is available.

How to Enable Passthrough, Hand Tracking, and Multitasking on Meta Quest 2

  • Passthrough lets you view the real world through your headset and interact with virtual objects. However, it may need to provide a clearer view of your surroundings for interaction. To use this feature:
    • Click on the Clock Icon in the screen’s bottom-right corner.
    •  Next, Click on Passthrough.
  •  Multi-Window and Multitasking allow you to use three apps simultaneously in AR. You can see both the Virtual and Real-World views simultaneously. To use this feature, follow these instructions:
    • Open a Web browser or other non-fullscreen app that supports Multi-Windows.
    • Drag and drop the app icon from the dock at the bottom of your view into one of the three windows.
    • You can resize the windows to your preference or replace them with other non-fullscreen apps that support multi-windows.

Note: The user interface perspective will change slightly and may move further away and expand when using Multi-Windows.

  • Open the Multitasking menu by
    • clicking the triple-dot menu in the home screen’s top-right corner.
    • Next, Click on Passthrough+.
  • Hand Tracking allows you to control virtual objects without the need for Controllers. This feature is still in development, so there may be some imperfections. With Hand Tracking enabled, you can use your hands as a virtual pointer to navigate the user interface. Here are the instructions to enable Hand Tracking.
    •  Open Settings and head over to Movements Tracking.
    • Next, Select Hand Tracking.
  • Direct Touch: This feature is still in Beta, which allows you to touch your AR Content. After enabling this feature, you can open a web browser and browse in the air in the AR World. You can scroll up or down just like you would on a tablet, which makes web browsing in AR feel more natural and futuristic. Click on the Clock icon in the taskbar’s bottom-right corner.
    •  Next, Click on Settings in the top-right corner, then Click on Experimental.
    •  Now, Click on Direct TOuch to enable it.