When the entire world gets their hands on AI models made on other developers’ projects, Meta Setup is an AI research laboratory that came out in contrast to Facebook’s applied machine learning team (FAML). Being that enactment, Meta AI is intended for various forms of Artificial Intelligence and improvement to user needs, which they started working on numerous AI models in which Natural Language Processing is highlighted.

Meta AI is also planning for applied AI projects such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Healthcare. This is not the first time Meta has entered AI; as you know, LLM (large language model) is their prominent development. You have seen different AI researchers developing individual projects, but Meta is doing everything in one place. So, let us understand how to use Meta AI.

How to use Meta AI and all its recent developments

The Meta AI has a huge queue of Models that prioritize your needs with the pinch of AI. You know that Meta has been working to contribute to the AI industry for the last numerous years. Moreover, within such a short period, they have shown a strategic performance. If you look for OpenAI’s ChatGPT Or any other model, they work for a special purpose, and such research laboratory has no other tool for another purpose.

On the other side, Meta AI comes with numerous AI tools such as text-to-image and response maker, and a few latest additions are Llama 2 (for translation, summary, and so on), Seamless M4T (Speech Translation model), Builder Bot (Generate virtual world by voice command), No language left behind (Translate between two languages) and many more. 

Additionally, they are working on more AI development to come out soon, such as AI Safety, AI for fairness, and many more. Some tools are free to use, such as Llama 2, while some are paid resources. Even though users need help finding where and how to use it. So, for that note, here we have prepared a few instructions on how to use it effectively.

  • Simply Visit Meta AI’s website.
  • Then, create an account there.
  • Once you get an account there, you will see various AI models.
  • Just tap on your required model.
  • Now, Insert your inputs.
  • Next, tap on the submit button to see the results.
  • That is it; in this way, you can use Meta AI.

So, This was all about a sample go-through of using any Meta AI model. It does not matter whether it is Make a Video, Imagine ParlAI or any AI tool. Just do these simple steps and get your problem solved through it. I hope you got to know everything about Meta AI and how to use it. However, if any user has a query, do ask them in the comment section below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is Meta in AI?

Ans. It comes into that field to save their communication service with the help of AI.

Q2. Is Meta AI free?

Ans. The recent addition, Llama 2, is completely free to use.

Q3. Who runs Meta AI?

Ans. Of course, Zuckerberg and the team behind Meta.

Q4. When was Meta AI founded?

Ans. They found it in the year 2013.