Google has announced support for Android-themed icons on Android 12. Many apps have already updated their apps, except Meta’s. Now, Meta has started testing the Android-themed icon with the latest beta update for the Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps. Since Android theme functionality has been introduced, even with custom skins, it has become essential for Android apps.

The Android Themed Icon is available throughout the OS, with automatic theming, including the themed icon. If you are unaware of this feature, it extracts the colour from the set wallpaper and applies the colour theme across the OS, making the OS elements more minimal and cohesive. This includes the Quick Settings titles, which feel more integrated.

This feature is better known as dynamic theming, where it borrows colours from your wallpapers. Meta is indeed late to adopt dynamic theming for icons, considering they have many users on Android 12. This will probably come after Android 13, focusing on dynamic theming for unthemed icons. So, to ensure their icons do not look weird, they have finally opted for dynamic theming.

When Google announced Android 12, there were only eight different colour palettes, but now there are more as Android 14 has expanded further and debuted. These themed icons for Meta’s app are still in the early testing phase. On the other hand, many apps still have yet to adopt the themed icon.

Download APK:

Since it already appears in the alpha version of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, we expect it to start in stable versions in the coming months. If you want to try out these new icons on your Android device, you need to download the latest beta version of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to get these icons by sideloading them on your device.

The stable version to receive the dynamic theme could take a few more weeks, as the company has yet to ensure and polish the app before rolling it out to everyone. Moreover, many famous rivals have already complied with Google’s design guidelines for Android. These new colour-matched icons are vibrant, depending on your wallpaper. Google is further enhancing this with Google’s Material You design, and the whole ecosystem of Google is further enhancing the wallpaper with the Generative AI wallpaper and Emoji wallpaper, giving users more customisation features for personalisation.