Microsoft doing a lot of effort to make their office suite (Microsoft 365) app everything for a requiring user. In our previous posts, we have discussed how Microsoft preparing a ecosystem for their users. Similarly, again a new notification out from developers end claiming that Microsoft 365 iOS premium users can merge multiple PDF files into Single one. However, Presently it is limited for some users joined Insider Program but officially released.

The Microsoft 365 app has already designed with multiple features dedicated to premium subscribers such as Reporting tool, Attendee registration, easily host webinars and many more. I mean to say, gradually developers add a lot of feature that somewhere fulfils every need a user require and struggle to do it out the Microsoft’s ecosystem. Merging PDFs is also a concern previously that resolved now. So, let’s understand how to merge PDF files here.

How to merge PDF files in Microsoft 365 App

Microsoft 365 has two ways to use, whether do the usual Gmail or other medium login and use it with limited feature or subscribe to it with just $69.99 per year (personal plan) and get the benefit of premium feature. I assure after subscribing to premium plan, you will get all possible benefit for which you use to look for another app or service. Like as of now, you are taking help of other apps to merge PDFs with compromised quality, but now it seems resolved.

To be Specific, iOS and Android both users having Microsoft 365 insider running Version 2.76 (Build 23062603) or later have option to merge PDF files without losing their original quality. Do not worry, the feature will be available for general public in the coming weeks but entire crux is one more capability added to Microsoft’s ecosystem. There is a simple two step process you need to Merge PDFs here. So, let’s discuss those steps to know how can we merge PDF files.

  • Open the Microsoft 365 App.
  • Then head to choose files page and select the PDFs you want to Merge.
  • Now tap on the next button appearing there.
  • After that, Select the Order of PDF files.
  • Next Tap on Merge to get those selected PDFs to be in one file.
  • That’s all, the result would be one PDF file that includes all PDF files merged into it.

Conclusively, The Merge PDF file feature is a premium component added to Microsoft 365 family. This is presently for dedicated Build number but developers promised to offer it to common subscribers. However if anyone who have not such insider version who can’t wait for common roll out can join the insider program. And once you download and install such Microsoft 365 app version then follow the same steps to merge PDFs. Other than that, if anyuser have query then ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I edit a PDF in Microsoft 365?

Ans. I assume that you have paid subscription and if you have that then select PDF file and start editing.

Q2. Can Microsoft 365 convert PDF to Word?

Ans. Yes, We can convert a PDF file into Word.

Q3. How do I import a document into Word 365?

Ans. You can import a document into Word 365 by simply using the Text from file option.

Q4. Does Microsoft 365 have a PDF Converter?

Ans. More likely it has PDF converter that can convert PDF to word or vice-versa.