Oneplus have been a partnership with Mclaren for last 2 years, and they have been launching the real only oneplus Mclaren edition, they already have launched the oneplus 6t Mclaren edition and oneplus 70 Mclaren edition. However, it is looking like oneplus, and Mclaren will not go to partnership this year.

Oneplus Mclaren edition 2020 isn’t

First thing first one plus 8 is one of the most expensive smartphones that has been launch this year, and it seems to be quite a flexible smartphone instead of a flagship killer. There were a lot of mixed reviews have been around that reviews are thinking about.

There was a lot of expectation that do one plus is going to debut there oneplus 80 Mclaren edition with and a transparent camera lens that has been showcased in MWC 2020 this year. However, necklace addition of always had a signature papaya Orange colour. Therefore 2 accessories were also be themed as Mclaren special edition smartphone.

The report suggests that Mclaren has not listed the oneplus for its 2020 F1 season, it doesn’t mean that Mclaren is not going to be cancelling the partnership exactly but they might skipping for this year and will continue to a collaboration with oneplus from next year. Oneplus Mclaren edition always having one of the highest top-notch configurations that deliver by oneplus.

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