Web 3.0, also known as Web 3, represents a new evolution for the internet in which users can access decentralized applications built on blockchain technology. Web 3.0 is primarily focused on the integration of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide each user with relevant content rather than content intended for other users.

The Brave browser, Ethlance, and other futuristic products have already been released in preparation for Web 3.0. Given the wide scope of this field, many people hope to build careers in it. However, as Web 3 is a new concept, there are fewer learning resources available. This guide aims to introduce you to resources for learning about Web 3 and blockchain.

Best Resources for Learning Web3 and Blockchain Mastery

Web3 is a relatively new field, and as such, there are not as many resources available online for it as there are for more established technologies like JavaScript and Python. It can be challenging to find the right resources for learning about Web3. To assist in this endeavor, I have compiled a list of the top 10 resources that can help you become proficient in Web3 and blockchain.

Solana Developer: Solana Developer is a blockchain platform for hosting decentralized, scalable applications. Solana can process a significantly higher number of transactions per second at a minimal cost compared to other blockchain platforms. In addition to the host platform, Solana Developer resources is a developer reference that explains fundamental concepts and provides recipes for creating Solana applications.

SolDev: SolDev is an educational company based in Bangkok that specializes in providing high-quality Solana content for reading and learning. In fact, SolDev is Solana’s content aggregator, providing easy access to all your development needs, including tutorials, tools, reference implementations, and more. It costs a minimal amount to access their course, and you will soon become an expert.

BuildSpace: BuildSpace is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based construction software suites available. This resource is a great place to start learning and creating interesting projects for developers interested in crypto who are not sure where to begin. The best part is that BuildSpace offers free access to e-learning.

LearnWeb3DAO: You can easily become a Web 3 developer for free using this GitHub-based open-source project. @LearnWeb3DAO (Twitter) is a valuable resource. LearnWeb3 offers a free program that can transform you into a Web3 developer. From basic to advanced concepts, the program covers everything and has an active community on Discord. Alternatively, you can access it through GitHub as well.

Crypto Zombies: Similar to other learning resources, Crypto Zombies is also a free way to learn Web 3 in just 5+ hours. Crypto Zombies is an interactive school that teaches technical aspects of blockchains, including Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. You can register for Web 3 training on the Crypto Zombies official website, which will give you a thorough understanding of Web 3 and blockchain.

Dapp University: YouTube is a vast collection of videos that can both entertain and educate. While there are many learning channels on YouTube, Dapp University is a Web3 and blockchain-oriented channel that teaches core Web 3 concepts. As a YouTube content creator, you do not need to pay to access this resource. You can access it through the web or the YouTube app for free.

UseWeb3: UseWeb3 is also a popular way to learn about Web 3 and blockchain concepts. It is a learning platform for developers to learn about and explore Web3. It provides a wealth of resources, including the latest tutorials, challenges, tools, courses, and boilerplates, to aid your Web3 journey. You can access this resource through their official website, social media handles, and app.

Nader Dabit: Nader Dabit is an author and web and mobile developer who specializes in building cross-platform and cloud-enabled applications. Dabit offers valuable insights into the Web3 ecosystem through his blog posts and YouTube tutorials. He has excellent tutorials on building Web3 and DeFi projects on his YouTube channel and blog. You can either learn Web 3 from his blog or from his YouTube channel.

Smart Contract Best Practices: These are GitHub-based open-source documents that provide a baseline understanding of security considerations for smart contracts. These contracts can be complex and have the authority to allocate high-value resources between complex systems, with the potential for significant financial loss at risk.

Solidity: Solidity is a programming language designed for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, most notably Ethereum. They have a comprehensive collection of practical examples, including source code and supporting videos. It is an excellent resource for learning about Solidity. You can access these documents on their website.

In conclusion, Web 3 is a novel concept, but as demonstrated, there are various ways to learn about it. If you diligently use these resources, you can become a Web 3 developer. However, it is important to note that practical experience is essential in becoming an expert in this field.