We all know that Gboard appears to be a popular virtual keyboard app based on Android phones that is known for its features like swipe typing, multilingual support, and access to a wide range of emoji options. The virtual keyboard has a dedicated emoji button to quickly access the emoji section and insert whatever smileys or other emotions users want to add to their text.

Initially, developers thought this could mean a lot of things, but not all. Some users find that such an emoji button somewhere takes up valuable space on the keyboard, especially on a smaller screen. This comes as a real pain point for users who prioritize a larger typing area. From there, a need to remove the emoji button on the Gboard appears. So let’s discuss how to do so.

How to Remove the Emoji Button?

I completely agree that Gboard provides a tonne of customization options to meet every user’s needs. But here, users want to completely hide that emoji button, and at present, there is a dedicated option for disabling that emoji button. All you need to do is disable the toggle in the Gboard settings. So follow the steps given below to remove the emoji button from your Gboard.

How to remove, hide, disable the emoji bar and change emoji style on Android, iOS, and iPhone.
  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Then head to the System section.
  3. Now select the Language & Input option.
  4. Tap on Virtual Keyboard and select Gboard.
  5. Now tap on the Emojis, Stickers, and GIFS sections.
  6. Under the suggestions, while typing, disable the emoji toggle.
  7. That’s it; from now on, the Emoji button will disappear.

Alternative to removing the emoji button

As you can see above, you can instantly disable the emoji button on your Gboard. But not always, such a complete hideout works. There are a few users who are neutral to the thing, as they want an emoji button, but if it is smaller, then present or another thing that makes emoji available but of course increases space on the screen. For this concern, I have two ways to tweak an emoji button. So let’s understand both ways. 

Use the Enter key to access Emojis.

Instead of a complete wipe-out toy, you can use this customization, where you get quick access to emojis and your screen space also increases. Because the emoji button size somewhere appears big. That way, people want to remove it, but emojis are important and needed by every user. In such a case, using the enter key to access an emoji could be another option. To make such a thing possible, simply put forth efforts to do the below steps.

  1. Simply type your message as usual.
  2. When you want to add an emoji, tap the enter key, which will show an arrow pointing upward.
  3. Following this, it brings up a suggestion bar with frequently used emojis and recently used words.
  4. Tap on the desired emoji to insert it into your text.
  5. That’s it. In this way, you will get the emojis as well as space on your screen.

Explore a dedicated theme.

Besides that, you can look for any dedicated theme available on your phone that helps with getting a customized keyboard. Maybe some of these themes have a small Emoji button or something that increases screen space. So all you can do is head to Gboard Settings >> Themes, explore the available themes, and find out which theme works for your intent.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, disabling the Emoji button on the Gboard appears to be a one-touch action. Through this, your Emoji button will wipe out. But if there is any user who wants emojis as well as an increase in space on the screen, there is one more option we mentioned above. That is, use the enter key to access the Emoji section. So that whatever the user planned or was previously disappointed with gets fixed here. I am sure this guide will be helpful to such users, or even if any users have queries, feel free to ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I completely remove the emoji button from Gboard?

Ans. Yes, it will completely wipe out from there.

Q2. Are there any workarounds to minimize the emoji button?

Ans. Absolutely. Either you can use the enter key to access the emoji section or use a dedicated theme.

Q3. What if the Enter key method or themes aren’t working for me?

Ans. Wait, Google will surely roll out an update regarding this.

Q4. How do I delete custom emojis?

Ans. You can do that through the keyboard settings >> Custom Emoji section.