1Password is one of the best password managers available, offering a variety of features and a secure way to store your passwords, credit/debit card information, and more. The application is available on both mobile and desktop across major platforms, but it has been lacking some notable features, such as an account management option. However, it now has several new options to manage your account, as users can now invite their family members to the account.

1Password account admins can invite or reject new members to the mobile or desktop app. After sending an invitation, other users need to accept the invitation upon arrival. In case users miss it, the admin can send a re-invite to join the family account or cancel the invite based on their preferences. This also allows for easier account recovery processes for family members and viewing the account status from the app.

The 1Password app now allows users to manage their accounts directly from within the app.

Additionally, 1Password will now show all trusted devices and browsers used by members who have been part of your membership. This allows you to quickly check for any suspicious activity. With these improvements, the update focuses on the benefits of a 1Password family organiser and makes managing multiple users more accessible. However, some features are still not available on 1Password, such as integration with other apps and services and the ability to change your account type.

There could be several reasons why you want to use 1Password, but this feature makes managing family passwords easier. It is always safe to use a password manager to keep your passwords safe from data leaks or phishing attacks. Don’t forget to enable 2FA on your device. Hopefully, this guide remains helpful for you, and if you have any queries, share them with us in the comment section down below.