World champion and Captain of Indian cricket team: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one Honourable cricket captain because he was the only one who has lead the Indian cricket team to win all the ICC trophies. However, he also quite well known among the gaming community for his passion for PUBG Mobile.

Even then, On an airport last year when Indian team waiting for boarding procedure. The captain MS dhoni and His teammates are found as playing Pubg. And MS Dhoni also reveals in an interview that he addicted to Pubg.

But, he was addicted to pubg that time, Now He switches to call of duty now because In an interview His teammate Deepak Chahar was said that Now, Ms dhoni like Call of duty more than Pubg.

Indian cricket team captain still plays PUBG Mobile during the lockdown days but he prefers more to Call of Duty as most of the time, he plays call of duty. Because the call of duty have higher gaming quality. New gaming concepts because of which it gains many users in very less time as compared to pubg.

MS dhoni spends half of the life in cricket. But, it will be a chance for him to be a professional in the esports scene in India. It may be possible that when he becomes a professional he will too old. But, he can do the work such as managing esport team and can also be become an investor. So, it will be a great opportunity for MS dhoni to live his rest of the life by doing something new.

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