Lenovo has officially confirmed that their upcoming is a smart frame, which is 21.5 inches of the digital photo frame. The device seems to be quiet from Singh, so let’s take a closer look forward it and know more about it.

The highlight of Lenovo 22.5-inch

Lenovo has listed for the crowdfunding for its initial launch on Indiegogo. It has been available for the 399 dollars retail price, but including off it is a direct 50% discount. There is no delete reported, and it is expected to shift in August.

This device currently in finishing touch, and accordingly, with and community request, it will be tweaked. Therefore the invention has been finalized until they have gathered the feedback to bring new device Ideas and features.


Lenovo has officially showcased its Lenovo 21.5 inches smart frame at the CES 2020. The device is a 1080 pixel resolution. However, the device used to be integrated with and Google photos, and it allowed to picture in the frame from your library automatically. You can manage photos from your Lenovo application.

There is no official confirmation about the device and how many Lenovo is going to manufacture in the future. Most likely, it will depend upon the request and the demand to continue supply Lenovo 21.5 inches smart frame.

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