Samsung has started rolling out their minor upgrade to the Android 13 based One UI 5.0. Samsung’s One UI 5.1 has some new features and improvements that add quality of life. In this article, we are going to share how you can use Samsung’s Multi-Control in One UI 5.1.

This is another major step toward making the Samsung ecosystem more seamless and integrated. The latest upgrade, One UI 5.1 Multi-Control, allows users to use the same mouse, keyboard, and trackpad of their laptop (Galaxy Book) with their smartphones and tablets. It’s quite similar to Apple’s Continuity feature.

This feature gives more functionality, such as making copy and paste sync across Samsung devices. It even allows users to drag and drop images from one device to another without the need for a wired connection, although they do need to stay connected to Wi-Fi or the internet. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can type a message or anything else that can be done with One UI 5.1 multitasking on your latest Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Enable One Ui 5.1 Multi-Control.

Before proceeding, you are required to enable the Multi-Control feature on your device. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or device should be using the same Samsung account and should be connected to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections on both your phone and laptop.

After that, open Device Settings and head over to “Connected Devices”. From there, you have the option to toggle on “Multi-Control” in order to stay connected with your phone and laptop. Additionally, you have the option to control your mobile device using the big screen, keyboard, and mouse on your laptop.

After that, you also need to tell the device where your device is located by adjusting the display on the multi-screen. Now, you can move your cursor beyond your laptop and start dragging things from one device to another, even testing. This could be really fast and multi-tasking could reach a whole new level with this functionality.