AMD GPUs are ubiquitous today, particularly on consoles such as the Xbox Series XS, where they deliver an impressive level of immersion. Since the Xbox Series XS received the update, Sony PlayStation has made no statement on Fidelity FIX Support.

As games update their consoles on a regular basis, the PlayStation Console may support AMD Fidelity FX Graphics. Today, we’re going to discuss the AMD GPU update for the Sony PlayStation 5. Let us examine this without further ado.

Will the AMD Fidelity FX be PlayStation 5 compatible?

Due to the growth of the gaming business, Fidelity FX is expected to be included in PS5. Sony is responding to competitive market pressures by releasing this upgrade. Sony did not announce the game or issue a press release regarding it.

What Has Changed in AMD’s Graphics Software?

On the Xbox Series X|S, the AMD Graphics Update supports 40 popular games. Therefore, let us examine several reasons why this is a significant upgrade.

  • Denoiser is a high-dynamic-range (HDR) mapping application.
  • Parallel sampler for Sorting Down
  • Shades that vary
  • Occlusion of the surrounding area
  • Reflections in screen space

How PlayStation users will be notified when Fidelity FX becomes available

Additionally, you should not/will not use the Fidelity FX in a side-loading fashion. According to some rumours, the update will arrive shortly. Due to the later introduction of AMD Fidelity FX, many professional gamers on Xbox consoles are likely to use this function.

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