iOS 17 has introduced many new features, and an interesting feature that has been in Android for quite some time has now come to iOS 17. This very helpful feature, Live Voicemail, shows live transcriptions of your call messages in real-time. There are many cool new features in iOS 17, and many people send live voice messages. Overall, Live Voicemails help make your calling experience better.

When you enable it, it will show you live transcriptions of whatever the person on the other end of the call is saying. After listening to the call, you can decide whether it is important for you or not. So let’s check out how to set up and use Live Voice Mail on iOS 17 via iPhone.

How to Use Live Voicemail on iOS 17

Make sure your device is running iOS 17. This feature is not enabled by default, so users must enable it in the device’s settings.

  • Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and scrolling to find the Phone app option.
  • Next, scroll down to find Live Voicemail and toggle the switch to enable it.
  • That’s it!

Once enabled, the next time you receive a call, you will see Live Voicemail waiting first. The message is displayed as soon as the person starts speaking, and Live Transcription will eventually show the audio. You can pick up the phone in between if the call is important after seeing the live transcription.

This feature can be very impactful and will come with iOS 17 on iPhone 14 devices. Also, remember that you may experience a slight delay in the transcription, which will be a few seconds in real-time. You can record a voice message as long as you want, but it should be at least 30 seconds or more.

If you receive many spam calls and things that bother you, this feature can be very helpful, and you can work with your time productivity. Even the person in front can be helpful, as you can see live voicemails, notify the same person, and reach out to them in case they need it.

Why use iOS 17 Live Voicemails?

Although there can be many reasons why this feature can help you, you can use it to identify the caller, especially unknown numbers, and with live transcription, you can see if the call is important or not. Additionally, it has playback controls, so when you receive a live voice call, you have full control over the audio controls.

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Although 100% of spam calls come from carriers, you can block them. For this, the company uses a neural engine for all transcriptions, which is also helpful for those with difficulty listening.

How to use Live Voicemail

If someone sends you a voicemail, you can access all of these voicemails through the Phone app. When you have received a voicemail, you need to open the Phone app, and you will find the voicemail option in the bottom-right corner, from where you can access the voicemail. When you open the voicemail, you will find options such as Speaker, Call, and Delete.” After tapping on the voicemail tab, you can also see the transcription.

This feature is useful, and the company will continue improving it. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If you have any questions, share them with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for further updates on the same.