Recently, a whistleblower raised concerns about Apple devices regarding radiation levels in France. After raising the concerns, Apple addressed the issue and announced an update to maintain the country’s radiation emissions. The specific device in question is the iPhone 12, released in 2020 and has already started phasing out as it is no longer being sold.

The device is said to be emitting more electromagnetic waves than the European standard. The French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) ordered Apple to halt sales of the iPhone 12 until the issue was resolved. Apple has two weeks to acknowledge and address the issue, or they must recall the device.

Apple plans to release a software upgrade in France to address iPhone 12 radiation problems amid increased EU scrutiny.

After the ANFR reports, Apple denied the allegations, stating that the iPhone 12 is safe and certified globally. However, Apple is releasing a software update to address the concerns raised by the French regulator. Other European countries, including Belgium, Germany, and Italy, have also stated that they will review the situation and respond accordingly.

The update has not started rolling out yet but will begin in the coming weeks. Apple has not shared any potential changelog yet, but the update is expected to adjust the radio wave handling on the iPhone 12 slightly. Other countries may also order Apple to release a similar update to address the electromagnetic waves emitted by the device.

ANFR stated that after Apple releases the iPhone 12 software, they will test the device to see if there is an actual difference in the electromagnetic waves emitted. The marketing withdrawal order will be lifted if the device passes the test and complies with the European standard.