With the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15 Pro Model, the company has fixed overheating bugs. To further improve performance and optimise to reduce heating issues, Apple has now announced iOS 17.1 Beta 3, which is said to be the third beta instalment that fixes bugs and brings improvements.

Refrain from any new features to be rolled out. This update is committed to improving and optimising before releasing the stable build. The company is gradually rolling it out through minor updates and will roll it out more in the coming months.

Apple releases iOS 17.1 Beta 3 to developers.

Suppose you are already enrolled in Apple’s developer programme. In that case, you can upgrade to the latest version using the following steps: Before updating, ensure you use the Apple ID linked to your developer account.

Registered developers can opt into the beta from the device’s settings. For this, you must have an Apple ID associated with a developer account, which is required to download and install iOS 17.1 Beta 3.

Before proceeding, please ensure you have more than 50% battery life and a proper device backup.

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Next, click on Software Update, and then tap on Beta Update.
  • From there, tap on the install the iOS 17 Beta build on your device.

Note: It is recommended to download iOS 17 Beta 3 on a primary device. Consider installing iOS 17 Beta 3 on a secondary device.

Beta is still under development. Because of this, you may encounter several bugs or issues that could also break the device. Apple has yet to announce the public release of iOS 17.1!

The company has also released iOS 16.7.1 for iPhone models incompatible with the iOS 17 update. There is also iPadOS 17.1. Apple is also addressing the iPhone 12 safety concerns with the upcoming iOS update. Alongside iOS Beta, there is WatchOS 10 Beta 3 and macOS Sonoma 14.1 Beta 3 to upgrade your device to the latest version.

In context, Apple’s iOS 17.1 comes with several new updates, such as the option to favourite songs, albums, playlists, artists, and more. Users can do this from the lock screen using the Now Playing widgets. Additionally, when starting a playlist, they can see song recommendations.

Furthermore, AirDrop transfers can now be finished over the Internet, so proximity is unnecessary. Even WatchOS 10.1 can use NameDrop with an iOS 17.1 Beta 3 iPhone. In addition to this, Apple has also included flashing indicators in the dynamic island for the iPhone 15 series, and there is a new wallpaper feature that allows those in the UK to connect to their banks to see balances and transactions.