Windows 11 is a massive improvement over the previous Windows version. This is because, up to this version, users need help. Some are of that level, showing severe concern to developers. This Is the only reason developers have done so much testing to launch this particular Windows version. Nevertheless, at the launch, not Microsoft released their programs, including them there are few partners.

There are paid partners who invested in Microsoft and worked with the term that after the release of their Windows, their app would be part of the Windows setup file package. Some similar thing happened with Windows 11, where we saw plenty of bloatware apps (third-party apps). I agree that some apps are useful, but on the other hand, some are disgusting. So, let us understand how to install Windows 11 without any bloatware.

How to install Windows 11 without bloatware apps

Third-Party or bloatware apps are the most frustrating thing for most users. However, what can we do, as the partner’s agreement binds Windows? However, if those apps come under setup file installation and are installed on your PC, it does not mean you cannot remove them. The simplest way to reach out to such concerns is to uninstall bloatware apps you do not want. 

Nevertheless, uninstalling such apps can be frustrating, especially when we have paid for such windows. For that thing, numerous third-party apps can easily wipe out those bloatware apps that I am sure most of you already know. Nevertheless, here, we came up with a different view or a way to install Windows 11 without bloatware. So, let us have a look at the below instructions.

  • Firstly, Insert Windows 11 USB Flash drive
  • Then Start the PC and press any key to continue.
  • Under Time and Currency Format, Choose the English (World).
  • Now, Click on Next >> Install now.
  • After that, Enter the Product key or choose I do not have such key (if doing re-installation).
  • Then accept the terms and click on Next.
  • Now select the custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)
  • Select the partition in the hard drive that you want to install.
  • Now choose Drive 0 Unallocated Space and click on Next.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions for the usual setup.
  • That is it, and Windows 11 will install without any third-party app.

As you can see, the instructions to install Windows 11 are almost the same as usual. Nevertheless, here, the main tweak is that you selected the option in step 7 makes a huge difference. Specifically, you can choose which partition you want to install here. Otherwise, the setup file will install all the partitions, including the bloatware. So, this was the simple trick to stop bloatware installation while booting up Windows 11. However, after step 9, we assume that those settings depend on the user to the user, so prepare them as per your preference. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I reinstall Windows 11 without bloatware?

Ans. Use the custom installation option to do so.

Q2. What is the lightest version of Windows 11?

Ans. Windows 11 lite is the only answer for it.

Q3. How much RAM does Tiny 11 need?

Ans. Tiny 11 or Windows 11 lite requires only 2GB of RAM.

Q4. Is Windows 11 too heavy?

Of course, Windows 11 requires at least 4GB RAM while Windows 10 requires only 1GB RAM in front of it.