After the Huawei Trade ban, Google Play Store doesn’t come with the device. Huawei migrated to the HarmonyOS ecosystem, having App Store, but it still lacks millions of applications. You can still use the Android Apk package to install an app on a Huawei device, and there was another app store available like Aurora apps, but having Google Play Store makes the device robust and offer a seamless experience since Google integrated tightly with Android.

So if you wonder how you can install Google Play Store on a Huawei device, follow the following step-by-step instruction mentioned below.

How to Install Google Play Store on any Huawei’s HarmonyOS device

Google Play Store integrates GMS (Google Mobile Service), whereas you can install any APK because Android is an Open Source project available for everyone to modify. Huawei has been continuously using Android as the core of HarmonyOS.

Before continue we advise you to not use your primary Google Account because of security reasons. So, without further ado, let’s check it out.

  • Download and Install OurPlay, click here
  • After installing OurPlay, Launch OurPlay and then tap on the Green button (Confirm button)
  • Scroll all the cards up to ends, and click on the finish button on the bottom
  • Then, Click on allow (Green Button) and give all permission accordingly by clicking Allow
  • Afterwards, keep tapping on the Green button on every prompt
  • Next, Wait for installation, which appears on the top of the OurPlay Application
  • In sometimes, it will ask you to install an app, so keep installing the app (These installations include Google Play Store and Google Play)
  • Launch the Ourplay, wait for some installation, and there you found Google Play Store
  • Click on it, and from there, you can login with your Google Account, Complete the setup
  • That’s it, and You can now use Google Play Store on your device

With this, you can use Google Play Store on your device or everything you can do with Play Store. Not to mention, every time you want to use Play Store, open the OurPlay app simply to launch and install the app.

  • Open OurPlay and click on Google Play Icon
  • That’s it

Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you and you have successfully attempted to install the Google play store on your Huawei device. Share your query with us in the comment section down below.