As long as your device supports Google Camera, you can easily find the best Google Camera Mod, which is compatible with your device’s android version. But Google Camera doesn’t come with a perfect setting for every smartphone. 

To get the best settings for your device, you can use the XML Config with your GCam for your device. It allows users to apply the best settings tested by a community or developers. However, it’s not easy to use XML Config, and users need to manually create utilizing a file manager. 

Common GCam Directory 

  • Google Camera v6 – Configs 
  • Google Camera v7 – Configs7 
  • Google Camera v8 – Configs8 

How to Load or Import .xml configs files to Google Camera 

Users need to create two different folders for this; the guide is for Google Camera v8, so we are using the Configs8 directory. 

How to use XML Config in GCam 
  • First thing first, Open File Manager. 
  • Create a folder named GCam in the internal storage and create “Configs8” inside the GCam folder. 
  • Next, the .xml package you have downloaded for your device moves that file into the Configs folder. 
  • After that, Open GCam on your device and double-click on the black around the shutter button.
  • When you open a dialog box, it asks you to select the Config.  
  • Simply click on your .xml config file and then tap on Restore. 
  • That’s it; restart your GCam and Enjoy. 

Note: Some GCam use a different version of the directory, so if it doesn’t work, check for the correct guide. While on Android 11 or higher, you may have to allow GCam to access all files, which you can enable from the App Permission from Files and Media option. 

You can also switch between multiple configs based on your preference, but you need to load and save those configs on your GCam folder.  

Export .xml Configs FIles 

GCam has an extensive configuration, which you can tweak from your GCam settings. If you find those settings great for you and think they could benefit others, too, then you can export to settings as XML Config to share with the community. 

Different versions of GCam have different placements for .xml files, but all those appear under GCam settings. Here are a few things that you need to know. 

  • GCam v8 – Settings > Config > Save 
  • GCam v8 – Advance > XML Config > Save  
  • GCam v7 – Settings > Save Settings > Enter config name 

Note: GCam version .xml files are incompatible; e.g., GCam v7 won’t work with GCam 8.