OpenAI’s one of the trending tools, “ChatGPT”, is getting a lot of exposure today. After all, it deserves that because, at this moment, there is no such AI tool that can offer such human-ability responses. Whether you talk about writing essays, articles, blogs or anything, just provide it with some input, and your piece of content will be ready at the next best moment. I agree few existing tools claim the same working, but if you look at them closely, you’ll find inaccuracy with those tools.

That’s the sole reason that people enjoy and prefer ChatGPT a lot. And being an introductory tool, the subscription price for ChatGPT is also reasonable. Meanwhile, ChatGPT is the best tool ever with all its existing features. But do you know, like Chrome, with ChatGPT, you can add plugins to enrich the tool better. You can install a variety of ChatGPT plugins. Bur Yes, installing them could be a task for a normal user. So, here we will guide you to install it.

How to Join Waitlist and Install ChatGPT Plugin

In the initial phase, there was no need or trend to install a Plugin over ChatGPT, as time passed, people got habitant of ChatGPT’s overhaul features. So on, People see a need for Plugins so that without going to any separate app, they can do what Plugin is installed. If you don’t, they are the keys installed at the corner of your ChatGPT screen so that you can get things done from that one screen without minimising.  | Sign-up on OpenAI Plugin Waitlist,

But being a new thing, neither people know which Plugins are available to install nor to install those Plugins. So, For that, consider your needs, then visit ChatGPT’s Plugin page and choose the Plugins you want to install. Even after introspecting yourself, I know you don’t find the best ChatGPT Plugin. We have gone through them and arranged a few best plugins to install. So look at the table below to see which Plugin could be best for you.

PluginFor What You can do with it
WeatherTo view current weather updates across the Globe
Currency ConverterConvert any currency to any without knocking the browser
Grammarly To overlook the Grammar insights of the content mentioned on current page
Spelling BeeHelps in checking Spelling accuracy of the content pieces
ZapierTo use 5000+ Zapier apps on your Chatbot
OpenTableHelps to make more organized customer experience through allow them to book restaurant table through Chatbot
ShopifyTo get in touch with Shopify website without struggling anywhere
InstacartTo get assistance over preparing a meal in terms of recipe, ingredients and more

About this table, i hope you have chosen whatever the Plugin you want to install. ChatGPT Plugins are available in different queue that have long waitlist. For this, you need to first Join that Waitlist and after that you can install any plugin. To Join that waitlist follow: visit ChatGPT Plugins waitlist page >> scroll down and find the Join waitlist section >> fill in the form appearing on screen >> tap on Join waitlist. Following this, your request will be considered and after few minutes, you will get an email to use ChatGPT’s Plugin feature. After that, just follow these steps to install a ChatGPT plugin.

ChatGPT Plugin List as of 3/25/23
by u/UsAndAI in ChatGPT

Pro Tip: Instead of finding Plugin from huge queue, simply Get onto query section that can be access through Plugin’s drop-down. Now enter the thing that you want from a Plugin. As a result, it will suggest you Plugins according to your query.

  • Simply, visit ChatGPT’s homepage.
  •  Then you will see a new option called Plugin there.
  •  Now from the drop-down menu at the top, select the Plugins option.
  •  Next on the right side’s drop-down menu select “no plugin enabled”. 
  •  After that, tap on Plugin Store.
  •  On the next screen, you’ll see a quick list of plugins you want to install.
  •  Choose the plugin that you want and tap on Install to get it.
  •  That’s it, Plugins successfully installed to enrich your ChatGPT experience.

Furthermore, whenever you get onto ChatGPT’s page, you will see the Installed Plugins icons there. So that, by simply tapping on it you can use it in a fast forward manner. For instance, if you want to check Grammarly, then simply tap on it to check Grammar issues with the content pieces developed by ChatGPT. In this simple and sweat way you can install and use ChatGPT Plugin. Even after that, if anyuser have query then ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Google’s version of ChatGPT?

Ans. Google is launching public access to computer programme “Bard” to answer ChatGPT.

Q2. Does ChatGPT works on Chrome?

Ans. You can use ChatGPT over chrome through installing a dedicated extension.

Q3. Can I use ChatGPT for free?

Ans. Yes, but it will stop working when you exhaust its free credits.

Q4. What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

Ans. ChatGPT find difficulty to understand sarcasm and humor.