Apple recently released the iOS 17 public beta. If you applied for the public beta earlier, you might wonder which updated updates to explore. However, you might be surprised that the currently dominant “Threads by Instagram” reports a crash issue. Although Threads is a contrasting competitor to Twitter, some users have found that the app crashes, especially when uploading photos or videos. This is after the release of the iOS 17 beta.

As of now, there is no update from Threads developers. However, we all know Threads has millions of users who eagerly use this app. If such an application crashes, it can be quite frustrating. To address this concern, we looked into it and found a solution. Let’s look at what we can do to fix Threads crashing.

Threads by Instagram crash when uploading photos on iOS 17

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In the past, we have discussed many hidden features of Threads on Instagram. It is transparent that over 100 million users use it. Although the app has yet to release more features, it still has concerns. So far, Android has no concerns or issues from the developer’s side. However, people who joined the iOS 17 Public beta need help with the Threads app. Specifically, the app crashes when they upload a post, especially through the attachment option.

Since the problem happened on iOS 17, it looks like it is on Apple’s end. But it would be best to consider another thing: iOS 17 is presently in Public beta, which means it is not a stable release. However, even though these are facts, we cannot blame only iOS 17 for Threads crashing. After all, Threads developers have not acknowledged this issue. Nevertheless, what does a typical Threads user do in such a scenario, especially iOS users? Do not worry. Noted these things, we have found a way to upload photos to Threads.

The problem arises when you tap on the attachment button in the Threads app. So, instead of attaching a photo within the Threads app, share and post it. You can also use Apple’s copy-and-paste feature to upload a photo. After experiencing the app crash, I understand that you might not understand what we want to say. Keep relaxing. Below, we share exciting ways to upload photos to Threads without crashing.

Using the Share Option

  1. Open the Gallery on your iPhone.
  2.  Select the photo you want to upload.
  3.  Look for the share button and tap it.
  4.  Find the Threads post option among the different choices.
  5.  You will be directed to the Threads app.
  6.  Enter a caption or other customization you want.
  7.  Tap the Post button to upload it to Threads.

Using Copy and Paste

  1. Launch the phone’s Gallery.
  2.  Find the photo you want to upload.
  3.  Copy it to your iPhone’s clipboard.
  4.  Open the Threads app and tap the text field under the “Add a post” section.
  5.  Tap on the paste option.
  6.  The photo will be uploaded to Threads, and you can now post it.
  7.  That is it; you are done.

Currently, these are two ways to upload photos to the Threads app. However, for videos, you will need to wait for more updates. The problem is likely with the upgraded iOS version, but it has yet to be confirmed. Until the release of the latest update for your iOS version or the latest update for the Threads iOS app, use these ways to resume your Threads experience. Here are some ways you can save your Threads experience from getting stuck. If you have questions, please ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. iOS 17 will support which devices?

Ans. All iPhone 11 or later models will receive iOS 17 update.

Q2. Is the iOS 17 beta buggy?

Ans. iOS 17 beta has some problems.

Q3. Is iOS 17’s public beta safe?

Ans. It may be partially safe since it is a beta version and problems may be reported.

Q4. Will iOS 17 support iPhone XR?

Ans. Yes, it will support this model.